AOL Messenger Turns the Lights Off

After being in service for 20 years AOL Messenger is finally deciding to shut down. This is a Messenger Service application that has been around for a long time. Everyone that was using a computer to get on the internet in the nineties is well aware of America Online and the joy that came with being able to chat with people through AOL Messenger.

This is the company that has had a great run, but it did not keep up with all of the changes in technology. Unlike other companies that have managed to thrive and evolve as the market changed America Online was unable to benefit from staying in place as an communication platform with Messenger.

This is sort of strange when people consider the way that Netflix has evolved from a company that ships DVDs into a multimillion-dollar streaming service that actually produces shows. As Blockbuster and the Movie Gallery closed doors and went out of business. Netflix was still able to provide entertainment and evolve along with customers.

The AOL Messenger platform, by contrast, was not able to become a successful because it was challenged so heavily by so many other communication platforms. People that were interested in Messenger would find themselves struggling to communicate with this app because there were so many other opportunities with better enhanced apps.

People that have iPhones can simply connect with people this way. They also have iMessage and this makes the communication instant. A ton of people are using Facebook Messenger to communicate with friends. There are so many opportunities to communicate outside of AOL Messenger so it doesn’t make sense for most people to continue utilizing this.

That is essentially where America Online went wrong. The messenger platform did not evolve in a way where it would be conducive to communication. It was something that was simple and effective for the time that it was introduced, but it never really reached the type of potential that would allow it to work as well as other sites. It became something of an outdated application because of the parent company that it was connected to. Most people frown on anything that contains the name America Online (AOL). The name is a reference to an outdated company.

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