Matthew Autterson Is A Financial Guru And Medical Advocate

Matthew Autterson began his work career as a financial business strategist with the First Trust Corporation in Colorado where he soon became the company’s President. Matthew grew the company so fast that it attracted Broad, Inc., which purchased the company changing its name to Sun America, Inc.


Mr. Autterson remained an active managerial agent, even when Sun America was acquired by AIG, followed by Fiserv buying AIG. Mr. Autterson graduated under the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver and with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from the University of Denver.


In succession in 2013, Matthew became the Chief Executive Officer, President and Board Member of CNS Bioscience, Inc. CNS Bioscience produces experiential drugs which can be used to ease the pain of neuropathic diseases without any side effects.


The pain associated with neuropathic diseases is described as a continual severe shooting pain. CNS Bioscience is researching to help patients with medications through clinical trials to relieve their pain. Mr. Autterson believes that CNS Bioscience will grow and be a positive agent in the field of nerve pain.


Mr. Autterson also supports and works with Falci Adaptive Biosystems which is also aggressively researching neurological diseases and designing advanced adaptive technology. Falci is a non-profit science organization founded by Dr. Scott Falci.


Matthew Autterson is also a member of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems Board of Directors. He is a generous philanthropist who advocates for programs to help low-income individuals who can’t afford or receive their medical treatments.


Matthew Autterson and his family believes in giving back to their hometown community by supporting the Denver Zoo and the Denver Zoological Foundation. He has been an active participant of Denver’s philanthropic ventures since 2000.


Matthew sits on the zoo’s Board of Directors which acknowledges the philanthropic work that Matthew Autterson has contributed to the zoo’s successful sponsorship and fund-raising efforts. He also chairs Denver Hospice which is takes care of the needs of patients who require hospice care.


Matthew Autterson and his family continue to support various Colorado charities like the World Presidents Organization. The World Presidents Organization is a global business enterprise whose members consists of present and former chief executive officers. See This Article for additional information.


Matthew has a favorite hobby which he enjoys and has taken part in it with his daughter. He supports and actively participates in off-road Baja Races in Mexico. Matthew and his daughter have also been winners of the race.



Michael Burwell’s New Journey With Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson recently made the decision to bring Michael Burwell on board as the new CFO. Burwell is coming in as a replacement for previous CFO Roger Millay. Millay retired in the fall of 2017, welcoming in a new era of his life. With more than 30 years of experience in finance, hailing from PwC. Burwell is no stranger to leadership, having held numerous senior roles including, COO and CFO for the United States, and acting as the Head of Global Transformation. With more than 10 years of audit experience and 12 years of experience with Transactions.


Burwell’s experience is vast, spanning to other areas of transactions on the back end. One of the most fascinating areas of Burwell’s work was spent in the pre-merger stage, as well as taking clients to the next level by giving them a valuation. The CEO, John Haley has spoken out about the excitement around Burwell’s joining the team. He says that the company is at a new place in it’s history, moving forward with growth and the transition came at the right time. Most importantly, they are confident that with Burwell’s skills and knowledge, that they will be able to excel within their marketplace. Go To This Page for more information.


Naturally, Burwell is equally excited about his coming on board with the firm. Burwell stated in a recent article that he was proud to be a part of the firm. Coming to a long-standing firm such as Willis Watson Towers was an honor for him. Their history speaks of their dedication to excellence in their advisory as a global firm, turning risk into growth for their clients.


Michael Burwell’s mantra has always been, “Be a good listener”. His longest time with a company so far has been with Price Waterhouse, where he spent 31 years advising. Shortly thereafter, Burwell was invited to come on board with PwC in Detroit, Michigan where he would be asked to take over the leadership of their central U.S. transactions. He earned his bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Michigan State University, and his title is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Burwell was named as the Alumnus of the Year for Michigan State University in 2010.

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The Exceptional Single Sign On Service Powered By OneLogin


There are all sorts of opportunities for hackers to try to access your private user data in the modern world, but industries are fighting back against the hackers with as many tools as they can. One way that businesses are starting to protect their data is through the use of single sign-on portals that reduce redundancy while also adding additional layers of protection between your data and any outside influence or access. OneLogin is a major player in this field, and they offer single sign-on functionality as well as a number of multi-factor authentication measures. Administrators can use OneLogin to set policies for required password complexity, length, and required characters.


OneLogin is essentially a series of tools designed to help with user data protection, and one of the most powerful tools in the suite is OneLogin Desktop. With OneLogin Desktop, users can access corporate data and private info that they need for work simply by logging in to the operating system of the machine. This issues software certificates that act as a secondary layer of authentication beyond the first password, so it not only prevents redundant use of passwords, but it prevents outside hackers from easily accessing the data with just a stolen password.


The entire purpose of the OneLogin system is to do just as the name suggests. It works to make it so that any user only has to login once, and it rarely asks for your password after you have given it the first time. This is even true for those who want to manage multiple accounts through the same service without having to constantly log out and log back in. With OneLogin, you can monitor and manage all those accounts with the use of a single password. This is especially helpful for any businesses that uses a workflow that crosses multiple software systems with their own password protection systems.


If users don’t want to create a new password specifically for the OneLogin system, users can opt instead to use something called Social Identity Provider credentials. In this case, the software is able to confirm your identity via social media accounts, so you can use existing credentials for something like Twitter or Facebook as your primary credentials for OneLogin.


Another great thing about OneLogin is that it works automatically with an Integrated Windows Authentication tool. This tool is designed to allow a user to access the OneLogin system automatically when they use their credentials to access a corporate Windows system.


Some apps and services will occasionally send messages or emails that contain direct links to their platform, and this can be cumbersome if you don’t stay logged in to those services. With OneLogin, you can click any link and the software will automatically sign you in to the appropriate account through the appropriate app before opening the link.


It may seem as if OneLogin is meant only for corporate brands, but that isn’t the case. OneLogin can also be used to manage a number of personal social media accounts since the software is easily integrated with those systems already. In fact, if that is all you want from the software, it handles the tasks seamlessly and with almost no effort on your part.


OneLogin is supported by more than 20 languages across the globe, so it doesn’t really matter where your users might be located. When a device uses the OneLogin system, the software searches that device’s browser for the default language and uses that same language. Of course, you can manually alter the language at any time as well.


While this sort of SSO service is quite helpful, many apps are not yet compatible with such systems. However, OneLogin is able to work where other systems won’t simply because the software has a powerful password vault function that stores all saved passwords for easy use later.


OneLogin is supported by a massive number of the most notable web and local apps on the market, and more pieces of software are included in the list of compatible apps every single day. You can easily browse the full selection of compatible apps through the OneLogin system itself, and you can send it suggestions for new apps to be added to the list.

Chris Linkas’ Offers Advice to Young People on How to Retire Early

In the fast moving world of investment it can be easy to get lost in all of the noise, it is difficult to follow who is worth listening to and who is saying something merely to get airtime. However, when it comes to United Kingdom based investor Chris Linkas it is usually a safe bet to work with what he says, and his over two decades of experience in the financial game speak to his continued reliability.


Knowledge on Investing

He’s been with many of the big names in the world of finance and has oversaw portfolios with over $4 billion dollars inside of them. In other words, Linkas knows the high stakes of investing better than most, and luckily for us he has given the younger investor trying to break their way into the business a few priceless tips for getting going. The reason Linkas suggests people begin investing early that intrigues me most is that it allows the investor more time to take risks, indeed, it is certainly a valuable lesson to learn. Riskiness is an inherent part of the investing game, and Chris Linkas has taken the unique (but admirable) take that young investors should embrace the risk. This sound advice should give confidence to those young investors who are unsure about whether investing is a safe-bet, and by playing off youth and risk as a positive Linkas can change the way we think about investing.

Another sound piece of advice from Linkas, the head of credit with a major investment group in the United Kingdom, is that investing early can lead to a higher quality of life later on down the road. Indeed, by putting tangible benefits on investing Chris Linkas makes a sound point about how learning investing secrets now can pay off for us in more ways than just financially later. He points to the fact that the sooner you can get your financial affairs in order, the less likely it will be that you need to take major risks in order to secure a retirement plan.

There’s a reason why Chris Linkas’ advice is taken so seriously in the world of investing — it is because he has had proven success in the business. Going forward, new investors would be wise to take heed of the career-path of Linkas and will do their best to model themselves after his continued success.


Freedom checks as an investments option

Freedom checks are investment ventures offered by companies that meet the requirements and are legally allowed to issue freedom checks. Freedom Checks is a private entity, and this raises concerns about its effectiveness as well as legality. Some investors have dismissed the company as a scam while others are willing to take the risk, but the noise around becomes too loud. For those of you willing to invest and still have doubts then read on as this article expounds on freedom checks how it was established and some of the programs offered.

Once an investor joins freedom checks, the firm ensures the investor receives a payment. Freedom checks assure their partners up to 90% payment of the income they put in the company. The good thing about the check is the accessibility; the checks are open to all ages and all income earners willing to invest. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

The discovery of freedom checks.

In business interacting with different people gives one an opportunity to discover new opportunities and this is precisely what happened with Matt, he was working on a project, and the task belonged to a financial guru who paved the way for Matt Badiali to meet with senior members in the oil and mining firms. This opportunity gave his exposure to upgraded technologies and market trends that spurred an interest in him, and this was how freedom checks was birthed.

While still working on his project he discovered master limited partnerships which are currently the companies given the mandate to offer freedom checks. These firms primary responsibility revolves around transport, storage as well as the processing of oil and gas well. Profits accrued from this partnerships are shared among all the shareholders, and these distributions are what we now refer to freedom checks.


Some of the benefits of joining freedom checks include;

The companies are in a position to conduct a tax free operation if only they agree to pay out the required freedom checks to their shareholders every year, and if 90% of their revenue is generated from the company’s business operations such as production, transportation, storage, manufacturing, processing, grading of oil and gas.

Matt Badiali recommends Master Limited Partnerships as the best providers of the freedom checks since it is easy to purchase shares from them, and like any other dividend paying company, your distribution can be directly deposited in your brokerage account or through the mail.

The partnership is a method that helps to maximize shareholders returns, according to Matt it is possible to improve on retirement savings through freedom checks, and Matt recommends freedom checks since they offer better rates to their clients ensuring they maximize on returns.

Master limited partnerships also adds a tax-free benefit to investors since when they decide to sell their shares, the sales tax is of lower capital gains rate not according to the rate of high income of the investors. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

Electric Vehicles Are Becoming Even Cleaner Thanks To Renewable Energy Projects

While it has long been known to electric cars are much less harmful to the environment then internal combustion engine powered vehicles they still have had a negative impact on the environment due to the nature of power generation. This impact has been lessened in recent times as the country’s electric grids are beginning to grow cleaner.
Recent studies have shown that electric vehicles are comparable to internal combustion engine vehicles that would get 80 miles per gallon. These types of internal combustion engine vehicles do not exist, but it is a handy reference point when comparing the environmental impact of electric vehicles to the more conventional internal combustion engine counterparts.
The nation’s energy production grid continues to grow towards greater and greater sustainability, and due to this fact, the total environmental impact of electric vehicles continues to lessen. Based on the most recent data the vast majority of individuals within the United States of America would have less impact on the environment if they were to choose to drive electric vehicles. In fact, over 75% of people would have less of an impact on the environment by driving an electric vehicle that they drove internal combustion engine vehicles that got 50 miles per gallon.
This was a longitudinal study that has collected data over several years, and the results have made it clearly obvious that the switch from coal to natural gas across many regions of the country has had a definite impact. Areas which have a higher focus on sustainable energy generation such as California have even better results. Perhaps the most exciting bit of news in this whole ordeal is that the results continue to grow better and better with each year as more renewable energy generation projects are being added to the countries electricity grid. Not only that but these results are utilizing an average electric vehicle. The results are even more astounding whenever you utilize some of the new ultra efficient electric vehicles such as those produced by Elon Musk’s company Tesla. Some of the vehicles produced by Tesla received the equivalent of over 120 miles per gallon. Whenever you factor in ultra efficient electric vehicles, it becomes very clear that no matter what part of the country you are driving in these vehicles have much less environmental impact than rival counterparts.

Nick Vertucci Built NVREA to Uplift Others

It has been reported that Nick Vertucci was raised in a poor family that could hardly make ends meet. His life story is an inspiration to many people in similar circumstances and is proof that the past never determines one’s future. Despite his humble beginnings, Nick Vertucci has emerged as one of the most respected real estate investors and financial advisors the markets have ever had. Nick’s father passed on when he was barely 10 years old. He struggled until he finished his basic education. He soon started a business shortly after his 18th birthday. He started selling computer accessories. His business seemed to thrive until misfortune struck again. It was about the year 2000 computer crisis. His business crunched under the speculation. He was pursued by lenders until he almost lost his house.

The NV Real Estate Academy

Mr. Nick Vertucci came to a point he decided that he would try his luck in the real estate segment. He enrolled in a real estate academy that inspired him to engage in real estate business. He thrived from the onset when he made his initial investments and bought residential and commercial properties and resold them when he thought it wise to do so. He has invested widely in other sectors too. Nick Vertucci seems to have studied his path to success keenly. He sought to help others with interest in real estate so that they make it the way he did. His NVREA academy is a brainchild of his experience.

The Interview

In a recent interview, Mr. Nick Vertucci reveals that his NVREA academy was an offshoot of his earlier experiences. He mentions that he has learned a lot about real estate that he would also like to uplift another person’s life. His real estate academy is one of the best such schools. He says he started his investment with single-family rentals. He ventured into buying foreclosures that he refurbished to sell at a respectable margin. He also rented some of these properties and incorporated them into his management system. That was his early years in real estate. Nick Vertucci is now a millionaire investor in the sector. His school has also gained a lot of popularity because it is run by someone who has successfully walked that path.

Real estate is a difficult market to get into. Arguably the most effective means of breaking into real estate is to “simply” – the intricacies of real estate aren’t simple to beginners, at all, though the concept of immersing oneself in the trade is simple – dip one’s feet into the market.


Not just tease the surface of the water with a few toes, or even dip two entire feet in – but jumping all-in, head-first.


Following are a handful of common misconceptions of the world of real estate, as told by Nick Vertucci, a veteran in the realm of real estate. Once one understands that these “facts” are, in fact, not factual, the thought of immersing one’s self into real estate becomes that much easier.


Nick Vertucci is the founder of a crash course in real estate held on certain weekends in various locations throughout the United States called the NV Real Estate Academy. With more than two decades’ worth of experience in real estate, Nick Vertucci is unarguably an authority figure in the world of real estate. While his name might not be that well-known – yet – Nick Vertucci certainly knows his way around the industry. By reading these tips and fully digesting them, you’ll be able to kick off your inquest into finding what’s up and down in real estate, too.


Many sellers ask more than what’s reasonable for their realty


We all have things in life that hold sentimental value. Nick likes to explain the “cutest baby” principle in terms of – well – babies.


How many times have you been around new parents or family members that far-too-frequently share pictures or videos of babies? It’s happened at least one or two times, right?


Despite their claims that the babies in question are “sooooo cute” or “adorable” – isn’t he/she the cutest little baby? – they are often far from being what they’re advertised as. Babies are typically viewed as cute by most people… but everyone has their “cutest baby.”


This understandably-true fact of buying and selling homes, plots of land, buildings, and other realty holds true throughout the minds of both professional real estate agents and private owners. Even though it might seem like private proprietors of pieces of realty would succumb to this flawed reasoning more often than their professional counterparts, full-time agents with decades of experience in the field have their “cutest babies” just as often.


Now, it’s considered unacceptable to sell babies, if not downright illegal, but if people could sell babies, wouldn’t they all – or nearly all of them – be advertised as “the cutest baby, ever“?


Likely so. The same holds true for pieces of realty.


In the real world, the price of homes and plots of land are determined by basic economics – supply and demand. Even if you’re not an economist, use an objective sense of judgment when it comes to determining what realty is objectively of high quality, and what isn’t – in other words, figure out what assets are “cutest babies.”


Don’t be afraid to hurt proprietors’ or agents’ feelings if you think their offers are “cutest babies.” Be polite, though, yet firm. You don’t have to – and probably shouldn’t – slam others for their views, as burning bridges is a big no-no in real estate.


Renovating homes often carries a bad reputation


Just like mechanics, construction workers and home remodelers are often viewed as unreliable. While this does have some – just a little, eentsy-weentsy bit – merit, don’t assume that it’s always true.


Nick Vertucci shares that beginners often believe that the home renovation process is intimidating, figuring out how much renovations will cost is difficult, and hiring reputable servicers is challenging, if not impossible.


For the most part, this is true. But only for people that don’t conduct enough research, as well as those that refrain from diving headfirst into looking into such issues.


In life, tasks that are actually roadblocks oftentimes seem as large as mountains – like heaps of rock taller than Mount Everest – encouraging us to refrain from taking them on. However, simply tackling them head-on makes quick work of such issues, giving us proverbial bush hoggers to push such roadblocks out of the way.


Mr. Vertucci suggests that people spend a little bit of money, effort, or both on uncovering information on which contractors are most reputable, what home problems should actually be taken care of and which should be left alone, and how difficult the renovation process actually is.


Simply getting started – even if it might not seem like it’s that simple – is oftentimes the best thing real estate market participants can do.


Look online to local governments’ appraisal statistics


Or, Vertucci says, contact such government departments directly and ask them for official information regarding properties and their respective assets you’re considering buying.


Wait Nick- when does this come in handy?


Homeowners and real estate agents often claim that homes and buildings are of a particular square footage. More often than not, those figures aren’t precise.


In real estate, the square footage of a home is directly related to the price it will reap on the market. That’s why finding out the exact square footage of a home is so important.


If you can afford it, consider reaching out to county officials on every home, piece of land, and building you’re seriously considering purchasing. Securing such information shouldn’t be that expensive, and is often available for free on the World Wide Web. Simply conduct a Google search, and be on your merry way.


Even though it’s considered dishonest to artificially inflate the square footage of a home or building – or the acreage of a plot of land, for that matter – many sellers don’t reach out to local government departments responsible for keeping up with such information. While their claims are often accurate, paying for just a handful more square feet of home than is advertised is often exorbitantly expensive, and can readily result in losses on realty you’re considering flipping for a profit.


Condos are often tons of trouble


Condominiums are, more or less, apartments. However, owners of and residents of condos must adhere to the rules of such places of living, or face hefty fines, eviction, or be forced to divest such assets and sell them to someone or something else.


Too many buyers and sellers of condos, Nick shares, finance condos. While this strategy can yield profits, and often does, adhering to the rules of financing agreements and home owners’ associations (HOAs) is of utmost importance.


When it comes to condos, loans must be in accordance to the rules and guidelines of both HOAs and financial institutions. In making sure that these mandates are in line with one another, both parties, including the buyer or seller, must go over what’s called a conforming loan checklist.


Failing to consistently, year after year, adhere to the terms that such checklists require can result in result in financing agreements being rescinded.


Why is this an issue?


When owners of condos can’t afford to purchase such realty without the assistance of financial institutions, they’re forced to seek alternative financing, which is often exorbitantly expensive.


Vertucci shares that, in virtually all cases, beginners in the world of real estate should consider purchasing any kind of property besides condominiums, if at all possible. Even if the prospects of investing in one or more condos seems great, the hassles of condos – the condominium conundrum, in other words – should be left to seasoned professionals that are more than familiar with navigating the market of condos and conforming loan checklists that often accompany them.


Early birds get the proverbial worm when trying to sell realty


The process of selling a home takes months, if not years! Mr. Vertucci urges all owners of property to begin listing their homes, meeting with real estate agents, and figuring out the process of preparing homes for sale to take care of such issues as soon as possible.


Begin the process of selling realty, which includes the aforementioned three activities and many more, at least three months prior to the date by which you consider a sale to be necessary.


Keep in mind that most pieces of realty are bought and sold when the weather is warmest, for whatever reason that may be. As such, the latest time you should prepare a home for sale is December.


If at all possible, consider initiating these processes an entire year in advance.

Misconceptions galore, brought to a close


Real estate isn’t easy to understand, especially not for beginners. However, as Mr. Vertucci suggests, the best way to acclimate one’s self to the world of realty is to simply – “simply” – immerse one’s self in it.


Taking note of these issues is arguably the most effective way to start, as not understanding them can result in proverbial world of issues.

Elon Musk Changes Plans For The Boring Company

Elon Musk has recently announced a shift in plans for one of his new startup companies known as the Boring Company. This change in plans includes a new focus on hyperloop and tunnels designed for pedestrian and cyclist use.
The initial concept behind the Boring Company was the design and construction of a tunnel network for vehicular use that would allow cars to be propelled by electric sleds to destinations inside the tunnels. The idea was updated with the concept of the Hyperloop a transportation system that reduced the pressure inside the tunnels by utilizing a pump system to allow the sleds to travel and even more rapid paces. Elon Musk has now specified that the Boring Company will be focusing on transporting pedestrians and cyclists.
Elon Musk still plans to provide transportation options for those that wish to move their vehicles but not until the needs of pedestrian transportation have been sufficiently met. The Boring Company currently has several ongoing total construction projects underneath the city of Los Angeles. Just last year they revealed a concept map of the tunnel network currently being developed underneath the city. They have already completed a 100 m long tunnel with an entrance in the parking lot of SpaceX in Hawthorne. They have already received confirmation to begin the process of extending this tunnel by an additional 2 miles in order to connect Hawthorne to the Los Angeles International Airport. Elon Musk believes that this tunnel project will be completed in about 3 to 4 months.
In addition, the Boring Company has recently filed for activation permits to begin developing plans for a new route. This new route will be a 6.5-mile tunnel that will serve as a proof of concept for the company. The shift in design from transporting cars on the trick sleds to a focus on pedestrians has drawn some critics to state that this is very similar to the traditional subway systems that are already in place in numerous cities around the world. However, it has been stated that in comparison to traditional subway systems the tunnel network would allow for a much greater number of entry and exit points along the routes that the sleds are traveling along. The Hyperloop project will continue as planned.

Facebook to Give Lower Privacy Standards to Americans

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg has said himself that North America will be excluded from some of the privacy enhancements being rolled out in the coming months. This is following the scandal that Facebook has been collecting phone records, Internet history, and various other private things from people around the world.

In the phone interview with Reuters conducted yesterday, Zuckerburg declined to talk about implementing privacy standards worldwide to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, passed by the European Union. He said, however, his company was working to rework the law to guarantee certain European privacy rights worldwide. When asked about these rights, however, he declined to comment on which factors of the GDPR they were working to come online.

In a blog post from late last month, Facebook promised its users that their privacy options would be easier to find in the future, and the blog post also mentions that they will be changing their terms of service in the future to help users across the world.

It’s no surprise that social media profits off of our data. They have to make their money somehow to be able to maintain their servers and services. But in these recent months, people have cried out that Facebook has simply crossed the lines and has become something reminiscent of the thought police from 1984. Facebook has been at the front lines of the privacy argument against the general public, trying to keep their actions secret from the world. The European Union’s GDPR is a great first step to protect the privacy of millions of people who use Facebook. But North America simply does not have these laws in place, so what is stopping Facebook from preying on North America only?

In the continuing fight of net neutrality, the NSA and privacy of the American people, companies will have to change soon. If Facebook keeps harvesting data from innocent civilians, they may be on the wrong end of a class action lawsuit.

Microsoft Announces Breakthrough In Quantum Computing

It was not that many years ago that computers were a matter of science fiction. However, today it seems more and more common to see headlines of new advances and breakthroughs in computer technology. It comes as no surprise from the recent announcement by Copenhagen scientists from the team at Microsoft at the Niels Bohr Institute that they are confident that they are on the verge of a breakthrough in quantum computing.
If the team is correct about the recent announcement that they are on the verge of creating a true quantum computer, it will propel Microsoft to the front of the pack as they raced towards the creation of the world’s first quantum computer. Quantum computers will be capable of solving problems that are not possible by conventional computers.
The building blocks of quantum computers are qubits. These are placed in the lab is a series of white cylinders that are cooled to nearly absolute zero. This is actually colder than the temperatures experienced in deep space and may be one of the coldest places the entire known universe. There have already been teams at companies such as Google, IBM, and Rigetti that have publicly demonstrated systems up to 50 qubits. However the team at Microsoft tempting to create the qubits three different process that utilizes a subatomic particle. They believe that by using the subatomic particle will allow the creation of an incredibly more stable qubit than the ones currently utilized by rival companies. If they are correct, this will allow the scaling up to fully operational quantum computers in a manner that is much easier to implement.
Researchers of the project claimed that one of the most astounding parts of this project is that in order to do it they must particle that has never this part of the this poses an incredibly exotic challenge in comparison to other approaches that have been taken to the challenges of quantum computing. Currently, it is all very exciting to look at on paper; however, no one really knows how actually to play out in real life. It is believed that this year will be a big year in the field of quantum computing as it is suspected that Google or IBM will be able to demonstrate quantum supremacy. This is where a problem that is not capable of being solved by conventional computers will be solved by a quantum computer.