Who Would Have Thought Apple AirPods Were For Audiophiles

Fourteen months ago, and counting, Apple released their AirPods. A Pair of wireless earbuds said to surpass the sound quality of their wired brethren. Personally, I didn’t want to believe this, because I love my wired EarPods. On the other hand, as a self-professed audiophile on a budget, I’ve always wanted a pair of wireless earbuds to go with my iPhone. What was I waiting for? Well, a proper review from another audiophile to better get a sense of the experience. That day is upon us as I came across a review on the Verge by their resident headphones obsessive.

Described as so much more than wireless EarPods, Vlad Savov states they sit flush with his face and remained anchored in his ears throughout various vigorous activities, push-ups, and lifting of weights. Neither of the AirPods came close to falling out, a relief to say the least. I like to move around while I listen to music and don’t want to be bothered with keeping them in my ears like with the EarPods.

Then he peaked my interest when mentioning the sound. An avid user of Audeze MX4, Savov described Apple’s sound as good enough for most people, himself included. They convey a full sense of mood while listening to music. They don’t outshine earbuds priced 2x or more, but they did put him in a wistful longing mood. When I listen to music I want to hear the full track to pick out certain aspects, and in his review, he put these fears to rest too.

With their design, AirPods reproduce the stage in which a given track is presented. Most Bluetooth earbuds fall short when it comes to this sort of reproduction over a wireless connection. It seems AirPods are designed for function where the battery and wireless electronics are located in the stems leaving the earpieces to produce great sound overall.

I would highly recommend checking out Savov’s full review but would add that AirPods aren’t for everyone. Based on his review though, I would bet if Earpods fit in your ears comfortably you will have no issue with AirPods. The lack of wires helps create a worthwhile experience, and at $159, I think it’s about time I try them out myself.

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