IBMs Tiny Computers A Good Thing?

So IBM has announced that it is actively working on one of the companies “5 in five”. A tiny chip that can sit on a grain of salt, this tiny object can process like a much simpler computer from the 1990’s. It has a solar panel, a couple hundred thousand transistors, and some RAM. Certainly not enough to do todays sophisticated calculations, but these tiny ‘micro’ computers can be put anywhere to sense conditions, and feedback information to the user.

These tiny computers will also be cheap, costing about 10 cents apiece, so anyone will be able to afford them. This technology is part of IBM’s “crypto anchor” program. This program has several high tech security measures to keep the mini computer safe and keep counterfeit intruders out of the mix. These mini computers are capable of “blockchain” technology. A blockchain is a “digital recordbook” that stores transactions and makes a program go through several verfications before any final information gets accepted.

These chip computers are slated to be developed by IBM as part of a growing trend that IBM has predicted will grow within the next five years. I’m not naive to think that our cellphones, tablets, or computers are entirely bugfree or that interested parties would have a hard time hacking into anyone’s personal information, but these tiny, cheap, mini computers could be a bigger invasion of privacy than what IBM would anticipate.

I think that every technology idea starts as a pure idea. Most ideas are brought about in the hopes of making life easier, run faster, be more efficient. But, on the flipside of new technology are those that will take someone else’s technology ideas and hack them to suit their purposes. Tiny, mini computers that can relay information, be used as sensors, can’t be seen or detected, and cost maybe 10 cents a piece do not seem like such a great idea in the long run. To me, this kind of technology would be a welcome thing for those who would love to use this tiny computer for negative purposes. To read the original article and take a look at the pictures of this new technology, please click here.

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