New Season Brings New Apple Watch Bands

watch-756487_960_720After a pretty intense winter season, Spring is finally upon us and with that new Apple Watch bands. A trend started the year Apple first launched the Apple Watch when all thought a second generation was due here we are again. More often than not, Apple tends to throw out the old and bring in new colors and styles to give customers more options to make their watches as personal as possible.

In an article on Techcrunch, these new bands include the now cult classic Sports bands, Woven Nylon, Nike bands, and Hermès Bands.

For those not already familiar, there are two ways to go about getting these new bands. The first is purchasing a new Apple Watch accessorized with one of the new bands or purchasing them individually.

This spring the Woven Nylon is focused on stripes alternated with white with black, blue, gray and pink. Sports Bands will now come in Denim Blue, Lemonade, and Red Raspberry while the Sports Loop will come in Flash Light, Hot Pink, Marine Green, and Tahoe Blue. The Classic Buckle will also come in Spring Yellow, Electric Blue, and Soft Pink.

Alternatively, the Nike Sports Loop are now, thankfully, sold separately in Black-Pure Platinum, Bright Crimson-Black, Cargo Khaki, Midnight Fog and Pearl Pink. Nike Sports band will come in Rose-Pearl Pink, Black-White and Cargo Khaki-Black.

The more premium Hermés (the French fashion design house) will also offer Indigo or Blanc with a rough H polished edge and contrasted loop for their 38mm Double Tour band. Their 42mm Single Tour Rallye band will also come in the same colors.

Here in the United States prices will vary where the Sports, Sports Loop, Woven Nylon, Nike Sports, and Nike Sports Loop bands will come in at $49 each, the Classic Buckle at $149. On the other hand, the Single Tour Rallye will cost you $439 and the Double Tour will set you back $489. It’s also worth noting that a new Apple Watch with one of these bands will cost starting anywhere from $249 to $1149. Depending on the watch case fit and finish, the price could also vary from there, but there is no shortage of options for you to personalize your watch style to your heart’s content.

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