IBM Think 2018 Reveals World’s Tiniest Computer

board-453758_960_720Tech giants IBM have recently started their annual IBM Think conference and this week attendees have already been introduced to an amazing collection of technologies and innovations from the IBM Research team that have left their mouth agape. The conference showcases everything from new developments in the fields of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, blockchain technology and new apps; to marketing techniques for social media, cloud security, cloud platform services and data science. The convention also features live bands and comedians but the buzz is centering around the unveiling of the world’s tiniest PC.

The tiny computer is smaller than a grain of course sea salt, it measures exactly 1 x 1 mm and reportedly costs less than ten pennies each to manufacture. Impressive as it sounds, there is so much more info to be desired and everyone is waiting for more details. The computer has a processor built with several hundred thousand transistors and static random-access memory. It is also equipped with a photo-voltaic cell for its power source, an LED communications unit and a photographic detector to communicate with outside sources. IBM’s representatives announced the tiny computer has only the power of the 1990’s x86 chip. The main purpose for this minuscule computer is to ensure authenticity such as counterfeit protection and supply chain management surrounding the developments of blockchain technology as well as cryto-anchors.

The director of IBM Research recently stated that we can expect to see these crypto-anchors placed inside many of our everyday devices, possibly in the next five years. The world’s tiniest computer is still in its early development stages, so don’t expect it to hit the markets anytime this year. IBM Think 2018 conference began on Sunday, March 19, 2018 and they have unveiled this tiny PC as part of their “5 in 5” series that discuss the five best innovations that will ultimately help change the lives of many within five years. The annual event is held this year in Las Vegas and will end on March 22nd.

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