Shafik Sachedina Guides Ismailis Through Excellent Leadership Skills

Ismailis are part of the Muslim community. Generally known to be originating from the Shia branch in the Islam community, Ismailis live in more than 25 different countries. Most importantly, they are spread across South Asia, the Middle East, North America and Europe, just to mention a few regions. In matters of faith, the Ismailis affirm what Muslims affirm in terms of truth and honesty.

Background Data

As a community that spreads across different continents, Ismailis rely on their spiritual leaders to unite them through various programs. One such leader is Shafik Sachedina. Dr. Sachedina has been in charge of Institute of Ismaili Studies. He is an inspiring figure whose works and contributions to the growth of this community cannot be understated in any way. In many aspects, Sachedina has played an essential role in uniting Ismailis across different institutions. Aside from that, he has been a role model to different young professionals who aspire to be great doctors, entrepreneurs, business and spiritual leaders. Here is more about Sachedina’s roles, experiences, and career.

Leadership Roles

Sachedina is a very instrumental member of the famous Aga Khan. He is also a contributor to Sussex Healthcare. This facility was founded to cater for the older people. With Sachedina in charge, this mission has often been easy to achieve as he is not only experienced in matters of leadership but also well versed in the healthcare sector.

Team Building

Moreover, Sachedina is a team player and a role model. That explains why at the Ismaili Institute, he fosters peaceful correlations aimed at maintaining cultural relations within the society. In addition, Sachedina helps his people to grasp a more profound understanding of their culture as well as historical orientation. Besides, he has also been an exemplary leader in coordinating their activities through different programs.

Additional Information

Aside from working for Sussex Healthcare as a major contributor and the Ismaili Community, Sachedina has an outstanding career in dental surgery. By profession, he is a certified dental surgeon. Moreover, he is an alumnus of the prestigious London University. In his years in school, Sachedina focused on his education and graduated with honors.


Furthermore, Sachedina is a renowned philanthropist whose works extend to giving back to his community. Besides that, he has been able to work with various charity organizations with the same purpose; to support the afflicted in the community. Sachedina continues to excel in his career and experiences.

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