UPS Announces London Vehicle Fleet To Go All-Eletric

Transportation Corporation UPS has recently announced plans to update its fleet of vehicles to electric engines. UPS currently owns one of the world’s largest fleet of vehicles and the announcement of going all electric after deploying a new smart grid technology in the city of London signals the beginning of the end for traditional internal combustion engines.
UPS currently operates 170 trucks out of it central London site, and electric motors already power 65 of the 170 vehicles in operation. The corporation had desires to electrify the entire fleet already but the cost of charging a large number of vehicles at the same time was prohibitive. In an effort to make the charging of vehicles more affordable the corporation developed a smart electric urban logistics project with the UK power networks and Cross River partnership. This project was undertaken with help from funding secured by the United Kingdom’s office for low emission vehicles.
This project includes a smart grid connected to a central server that is able to reach each electric vehicle charge post in addition to the grid power supply and on-site energy storage. By connecting all these devices, it is able to stabilize the demand of power placed upon the charging stations and is able to charge every vehicle overnight without excessively peaking energy demands. This eliminates the need for upgrades to the external power grid.
Peter Harris, one of the directors of sustainability at UPS Europe, commented publicly on this announcement. He said that UPS thinks that by using new technology in order to overcome some of the large challenges to electric vehicles that will help to bring a new generation of sustainable urban development not only in London but in cities across the globe. Electric vehicles are already an important part of the UPS’s alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet. By collaborating with the government of the United Kingdom that has enabled a key development in the deployment of cost-effective electric vehicles that will increase the rate of adoption around the world.
With the new smart grid system and the energy, capacity upgrade to the central London site it is possible for their entire fleet of 170 delivery vehicles will be switched to electric engines. The company already has plans to bring electric vehicles to many of its cities around the world.

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