Microsoft’s Social Chatbot In China Is A Natural

chatbot-3589528_960_720Interacting with a social chatbot or a digital assistant is something that happens daily to people that are searching for information over the Internet or communicating with their smartphone. However, the ability to talk in a natural way is limited. Communication with the social chatbot or digital assistance consist of talking and waiting for a reply from the source. This exchange is very unnatural and limited. However, the lead engineer for XiaoIce is making changes to those digital assistants. XiaoIce is Microsoft’s very popular artificial intelligence chatbot program in China.

Real Natural Conversations
Talking and chatting with a social chatbot in a natural way is something that seems like part of a science fiction movie instead of fact. Li Zhou, who is the engineer lead at KiaoIce, states that most people listen and talk, during a conversation. Generally, they are anticipating the answer to a question or providing answers. Therefore, it is important to make this feature present in the digital assistant programs. Certainly, this is the way to produce natural conversations with a digital assistant or chatbot program. The conversations should be like an exchange between one person to another.

Social Chatbots
The changes in the way that the chatbot interacts with the user were applied to the very popular XiaoIce, a social chatbot, which is in China. Now, it is anticipated that the same feature is coming to Microsoft’s Zo chatbots in the United States. This will give the program the ability to talk in a conversation with the user like a regular person or friend. Today, people interact more with their digital devices than with people. Certainly, this new conversation development might lead to people becoming more and more dependent on their digital devices and interacting less frequently with people.

The Art Of Conversation
Many books have been written on the art of conversation between people. Now, this knowledge is part of XiaoIce’s programming. Thus, giving the digital assistant or chatbot program human abilities to interact in a natural conversation with their human friends.

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