Los Angeles Announces Plans For Citywide Broadband Network

optical-fiber-2077976_960_720As the influence of the Internet continues to grow in modern society individuals across the world are growing concerned about the domination of or access to this network of data by Internet service providers. In an effort to help provide its citizens with reliable access to high-speed Internet the city of Los Angeles has proposed one of most extensive municipal broadband networks in the entire world. As part of an aggressive plan, the city has developed in an effort to help protect net neutrality. Although there have been municipalities that have created their own broadband utility networks Los Angeles would be the biggest by a wide margin.
The motion was initially put in motion by a council member of the city. The counselor called for a citywide utility that would allow access to broadband to every residential and business address within the city limits. It would have widespread ramifications including the elimination of the digital divide and a significant lowering of the cost of data connectivity. Most importantly the plan included a 100% guarantee of net neutrality. There was a particularly heavy emphasis placed on the providing of at cost access to high-speed Internet, and the plan cited several factors such as the lack of competition between Internet service providers and the recent repeal by the federal communications commission on protections of net neutrality.
If the plan is able to be put into motion, Los Angeles will be the largest city in the entire world to create its own broadband utility network. There are other cities that have already created their own broadband utility network in the council member who put this plan action believes that it is necessary for them to look at existing models in order to see the most cost-effective manner in which to implement this plan.
For example, in Tennessee, the city of Chattanooga already has a sufficiently robust system of broadband utility network provided by the city. Colorado also offers broadband utility from its municipality in Fort Collins. Los Angeles actually already has considerable fiber-optic cable network. This limits the possibility of using the network that is already in place in order to ensure that every member of the city has easy affordable and reliable access to the network of data known as the Internet.

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