Microsoft Announces Breakthrough In Quantum Computing

building-1011876_960_720It was not that many years ago that computers were a matter of science fiction. However, today it seems more and more common to see headlines of new advances and breakthroughs in computer technology. It comes as no surprise from the recent announcement by Copenhagen scientists from the team at Microsoft at the Niels Bohr Institute that they are confident that they are on the verge of a breakthrough in quantum computing.
If the team is correct about the recent announcement that they are on the verge of creating a true quantum computer, it will propel Microsoft to the front of the pack as they raced towards the creation of the world’s first quantum computer. Quantum computers will be capable of solving problems that are not possible by conventional computers.
The building blocks of quantum computers are qubits. These are placed in the lab is a series of white cylinders that are cooled to nearly absolute zero. This is actually colder than the temperatures experienced in deep space and may be one of the coldest places the entire known universe. There have already been teams at companies such as Google, IBM, and Rigetti that have publicly demonstrated systems up to 50 qubits. However the team at Microsoft tempting to create the qubits three different process that utilizes a subatomic particle. They believe that by using the subatomic particle will allow the creation of an incredibly more stable qubit than the ones currently utilized by rival companies. If they are correct, this will allow the scaling up to fully operational quantum computers in a manner that is much easier to implement.
Researchers of the project claimed that one of the most astounding parts of this project is that in order to do it they must particle that has never this part of the this poses an incredibly exotic challenge in comparison to other approaches that have been taken to the challenges of quantum computing. Currently, it is all very exciting to look at on paper; however, no one really knows how actually to play out in real life. It is believed that this year will be a big year in the field of quantum computing as it is suspected that Google or IBM will be able to demonstrate quantum supremacy. This is where a problem that is not capable of being solved by conventional computers will be solved by a quantum computer.

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