Elon Musk Changes Plans For The Boring Company

Elon Musk has recently announced a shift in plans for one of his new startup companies known as the Boring Company. This change in plans includes a new focus on hyperloop and tunnels designed for pedestrian and cyclist use.
The initial concept behind the Boring Company was the design and construction of a tunnel network for vehicular use that would allow cars to be propelled by electric sleds to destinations inside the tunnels. The idea was updated with the concept of the Hyperloop a transportation system that reduced the pressure inside the tunnels by utilizing a pump system to allow the sleds to travel and even more rapid paces. Elon Musk has now specified that the Boring Company will be focusing on transporting pedestrians and cyclists.
Elon Musk still plans to provide transportation options for those that wish to move their vehicles but not until the needs of pedestrian transportation have been sufficiently met. The Boring Company currently has several ongoing total construction projects underneath the city of Los Angeles. Just last year they revealed a concept map of the tunnel network currently being developed underneath the city. They have already completed a 100 m long tunnel with an entrance in the parking lot of SpaceX in Hawthorne. They have already received confirmation to begin the process of extending this tunnel by an additional 2 miles in order to connect Hawthorne to the Los Angeles International Airport. Elon Musk believes that this tunnel project will be completed in about 3 to 4 months.
In addition, the Boring Company has recently filed for activation permits to begin developing plans for a new route. This new route will be a 6.5-mile tunnel that will serve as a proof of concept for the company. The shift in design from transporting cars on the trick sleds to a focus on pedestrians has drawn some critics to state that this is very similar to the traditional subway systems that are already in place in numerous cities around the world. However, it has been stated that in comparison to traditional subway systems the tunnel network would allow for a much greater number of entry and exit points along the routes that the sleds are traveling along. The Hyperloop project will continue as planned.

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