Electric Vehicles Are Becoming Even Cleaner Thanks To Renewable Energy Projects

electric-charge-2301604_960_720While it has long been known to electric cars are much less harmful to the environment then internal combustion engine powered vehicles they still have had a negative impact on the environment due to the nature of power generation. This impact has been lessened in recent times as the country’s electric grids are beginning to grow cleaner.
Recent studies have shown that electric vehicles are comparable to internal combustion engine vehicles that would get 80 miles per gallon. These types of internal combustion engine vehicles do not exist, but it is a handy reference point when comparing the environmental impact of electric vehicles to the more conventional internal combustion engine counterparts.
The nation’s energy production grid continues to grow towards greater and greater sustainability, and due to this fact, the total environmental impact of electric vehicles continues to lessen. Based on the most recent data the vast majority of individuals within the United States of America would have less impact on the environment if they were to choose to drive electric vehicles. In fact, over 75% of people would have less of an impact on the environment by driving an electric vehicle that they drove internal combustion engine vehicles that got 50 miles per gallon.
This was a longitudinal study that has collected data over several years, and the results have made it clearly obvious that the switch from coal to natural gas across many regions of the country has had a definite impact. Areas which have a higher focus on sustainable energy generation such as California have even better results. Perhaps the most exciting bit of news in this whole ordeal is that the results continue to grow better and better with each year as more renewable energy generation projects are being added to the countries electricity grid. Not only that but these results are utilizing an average electric vehicle. The results are even more astounding whenever you utilize some of the new ultra efficient electric vehicles such as those produced by Elon Musk’s company Tesla. Some of the vehicles produced by Tesla received the equivalent of over 120 miles per gallon. Whenever you factor in ultra efficient electric vehicles, it becomes very clear that no matter what part of the country you are driving in these vehicles have much less environmental impact than rival counterparts.

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