Chris Linkas’ Offers Advice to Young People on How to Retire Early

In the fast moving world of investment it can be easy to get lost in all of the noise, it is difficult to follow who is worth listening to and who is saying something merely to get airtime. However, when it comes to United Kingdom based investor Chris Linkas it is usually a safe bet to work with what he says, and his over two decades of experience in the financial game speak to his continued reliability.


Knowledge on Investing

He’s been with many of the big names in the world of finance and has oversaw portfolios with over $4 billion dollars inside of them. In other words, Linkas knows the high stakes of investing better than most, and luckily for us he has given the younger investor trying to break their way into the business a few priceless tips for getting going. The reason Linkas suggests people begin investing early that intrigues me most is that it allows the investor more time to take risks, indeed, it is certainly a valuable lesson to learn. Riskiness is an inherent part of the investing game, and Chris Linkas has taken the unique (but admirable) take that young investors should embrace the risk. This sound advice should give confidence to those young investors who are unsure about whether investing is a safe-bet, and by playing off youth and risk as a positive Linkas can change the way we think about investing.

Another sound piece of advice from Linkas, the head of credit with a major investment group in the United Kingdom, is that investing early can lead to a higher quality of life later on down the road. Indeed, by putting tangible benefits on investing Chris Linkas makes a sound point about how learning investing secrets now can pay off for us in more ways than just financially later. He points to the fact that the sooner you can get your financial affairs in order, the less likely it will be that you need to take major risks in order to secure a retirement plan.

There’s a reason why Chris Linkas’ advice is taken so seriously in the world of investing — it is because he has had proven success in the business. Going forward, new investors would be wise to take heed of the career-path of Linkas and will do their best to model themselves after his continued success.


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