The Exceptional Single Sign On Service Powered By OneLogin


There are all sorts of opportunities for hackers to try to access your private user data in the modern world, but industries are fighting back against the hackers with as many tools as they can. One way that businesses are starting to protect their data is through the use of single sign-on portals that reduce redundancy while also adding additional layers of protection between your data and any outside influence or access. OneLogin is a major player in this field, and they offer single sign-on functionality as well as a number of multi-factor authentication measures. Administrators can use OneLogin to set policies for required password complexity, length, and required characters.


OneLogin is essentially a series of tools designed to help with user data protection, and one of the most powerful tools in the suite is OneLogin Desktop. With OneLogin Desktop, users can access corporate data and private info that they need for work simply by logging in to the operating system of the machine. This issues software certificates that act as a secondary layer of authentication beyond the first password, so it not only prevents redundant use of passwords, but it prevents outside hackers from easily accessing the data with just a stolen password.


The entire purpose of the OneLogin system is to do just as the name suggests. It works to make it so that any user only has to login once, and it rarely asks for your password after you have given it the first time. This is even true for those who want to manage multiple accounts through the same service without having to constantly log out and log back in. With OneLogin, you can monitor and manage all those accounts with the use of a single password. This is especially helpful for any businesses that uses a workflow that crosses multiple software systems with their own password protection systems.


If users don’t want to create a new password specifically for the OneLogin system, users can opt instead to use something called Social Identity Provider credentials. In this case, the software is able to confirm your identity via social media accounts, so you can use existing credentials for something like Twitter or Facebook as your primary credentials for OneLogin.


Another great thing about OneLogin is that it works automatically with an Integrated Windows Authentication tool. This tool is designed to allow a user to access the OneLogin system automatically when they use their credentials to access a corporate Windows system.


Some apps and services will occasionally send messages or emails that contain direct links to their platform, and this can be cumbersome if you don’t stay logged in to those services. With OneLogin, you can click any link and the software will automatically sign you in to the appropriate account through the appropriate app before opening the link.


It may seem as if OneLogin is meant only for corporate brands, but that isn’t the case. OneLogin can also be used to manage a number of personal social media accounts since the software is easily integrated with those systems already. In fact, if that is all you want from the software, it handles the tasks seamlessly and with almost no effort on your part.


OneLogin is supported by more than 20 languages across the globe, so it doesn’t really matter where your users might be located. When a device uses the OneLogin system, the software searches that device’s browser for the default language and uses that same language. Of course, you can manually alter the language at any time as well.


While this sort of SSO service is quite helpful, many apps are not yet compatible with such systems. However, OneLogin is able to work where other systems won’t simply because the software has a powerful password vault function that stores all saved passwords for easy use later.


OneLogin is supported by a massive number of the most notable web and local apps on the market, and more pieces of software are included in the list of compatible apps every single day. You can easily browse the full selection of compatible apps through the OneLogin system itself, and you can send it suggestions for new apps to be added to the list.

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