France Announces Plans To Support Research And Development Of Artificial Intelligence

The rapid pace of advancing technology continues to grow unabated. It comes as no surprise by the recent announcement from French Pres. Emmanuel Macron that the nation was planning to invest €1.5 billion into the research and development of artificial intelligence between the years 2019 and 2022. This is part of the nation’s new AI development strategy based out of the College de France research Institute.
The French president placed significant emphasis on the desire of France not to be left behind by other nations such as the United States and China who are the current leaders in artificial intelligence. He also hopes to help regulate the industry with additional security measures.
These new proposals were announced with the goal of attracting AI researchers to the country from technology giants such as Samsung, Fujitsu, Google, and Microsoft. Several of these companies are already developing new AI research centers in France.
American company Microsoft opened an AI training center in Paris France earlier this month as a result of a $30 million investment in artificial intelligence research and development. The training center currently has 24 students who will have access to a free seventh-month long course. Training centers such as these are hoped to help bring a balance to the expected loss of jobs due to artificial intelligence in the coming years.
There have already been many predictions of the complete extinction of several professions by as early as 2030 due to artificial intelligence.
The three-year strategy has four areas of focus. These areas are defense, health, transport, and environment. As part of the leading promoters for the research and development strategy Cedric Villani has held many interviews with experts on artificial intelligence and has contributed much to the design of the new strategy. As part of the result of his research, he has initiated the doubling of young researchers pay and increasing the number of students who are studying artificial intelligence research and development by a factor of three over the course of the next three years.
French president gathered together over a dozen experts from the artificial intelligence industry in order to discuss the best way to accommodate the changes that will be made possible by advanced artificial intelligence and ensure that these changes are beneficial to humans.

Los Angeles Announces Plans For Citywide Broadband Network

As the influence of the Internet continues to grow in modern society individuals across the world are growing concerned about the domination of or access to this network of data by Internet service providers. In an effort to help provide its citizens with reliable access to high-speed Internet the city of Los Angeles has proposed one of most extensive municipal broadband networks in the entire world. As part of an aggressive plan, the city has developed in an effort to help protect net neutrality. Although there have been municipalities that have created their own broadband utility networks Los Angeles would be the biggest by a wide margin.
The motion was initially put in motion by a council member of the city. The counselor called for a citywide utility that would allow access to broadband to every residential and business address within the city limits. It would have widespread ramifications including the elimination of the digital divide and a significant lowering of the cost of data connectivity. Most importantly the plan included a 100% guarantee of net neutrality. There was a particularly heavy emphasis placed on the providing of at cost access to high-speed Internet, and the plan cited several factors such as the lack of competition between Internet service providers and the recent repeal by the federal communications commission on protections of net neutrality.
If the plan is able to be put into motion, Los Angeles will be the largest city in the entire world to create its own broadband utility network. There are other cities that have already created their own broadband utility network in the council member who put this plan action believes that it is necessary for them to look at existing models in order to see the most cost-effective manner in which to implement this plan.
For example, in Tennessee, the city of Chattanooga already has a sufficiently robust system of broadband utility network provided by the city. Colorado also offers broadband utility from its municipality in Fort Collins. Los Angeles actually already has considerable fiber-optic cable network. This limits the possibility of using the network that is already in place in order to ensure that every member of the city has easy affordable and reliable access to the network of data known as the Internet.

SpaceX Plans To Launch New Satellites TO Provide High Speed Internet To Earth

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has officially received permission from the government of the United States of America to launch a satellite fleet that especially produced to deliver high-speed Internet signals down to earth. This is an announcement that comes just after the successful launch of the falcon heavy rocket system that had Elon Musk’s personal Tesla car launched into orbit.
Elon Musk currently has plans to put 12,000 satellites into low Earth orbit in order to help connect developing parts of the world to the network of information known as the Internet. In areas that already have easy access to the Internet this technology could help to add some competitiveness to the markets as a lot of areas are dominated by one or two Internet service providers. This has potential implications of reductions in price as well as improvements in service speeds.
Last Thursday regulators in the Federal Communications Commission issued approval of the plan to launch the satellite network by SpaceX. This is the first time the agency has approved a US licensed satellite operation to use broadband technology. SpaceX has already launched several demo satellites in order to test the concept and plans have already been made to have satellites come online sometime next year.
In comparison to current satellite Internet technology, the new satellite network would be much less expensive and much faster. The satellite fleet launched into orbit by SpaceX would orbit much closer than traditional communication satellites. Traditional communication satellites stay in a geostationary orbit high above the earth. By reducing the distance, the data has to travel between the satellite and earth the connection will improve in both speed and reliability.
There were still off work that needs to be done in order to successfully watch this program, but it marks an important first step for the company’s plans to help inundate the world with access to cheap and affordable high-speed Internet. While it represents a unique development in the space industry, it has not been without criticism. There have been some individuals who believe that the satellites could increase the risk of space debris due to their low orbiting nature. Elon Musk promises to deliver a high-speed satellite network that is normally effective but is also safe in its use case.

Microsoft’s Social Chatbot In China Is A Natural

Interacting with a social chatbot or a digital assistant is something that happens daily to people that are searching for information over the Internet or communicating with their smartphone. However, the ability to talk in a natural way is limited. Communication with the social chatbot or digital assistance consist of talking and waiting for a reply from the source. This exchange is very unnatural and limited. However, the lead engineer for XiaoIce is making changes to those digital assistants. XiaoIce is Microsoft’s very popular artificial intelligence chatbot program in China.

Real Natural Conversations
Talking and chatting with a social chatbot in a natural way is something that seems like part of a science fiction movie instead of fact. Li Zhou, who is the engineer lead at KiaoIce, states that most people listen and talk, during a conversation. Generally, they are anticipating the answer to a question or providing answers. Therefore, it is important to make this feature present in the digital assistant programs. Certainly, this is the way to produce natural conversations with a digital assistant or chatbot program. The conversations should be like an exchange between one person to another.

Social Chatbots
The changes in the way that the chatbot interacts with the user were applied to the very popular XiaoIce, a social chatbot, which is in China. Now, it is anticipated that the same feature is coming to Microsoft’s Zo chatbots in the United States. This will give the program the ability to talk in a conversation with the user like a regular person or friend. Today, people interact more with their digital devices than with people. Certainly, this new conversation development might lead to people becoming more and more dependent on their digital devices and interacting less frequently with people.

The Art Of Conversation
Many books have been written on the art of conversation between people. Now, this knowledge is part of XiaoIce’s programming. Thus, giving the digital assistant or chatbot program human abilities to interact in a natural conversation with their human friends.

UPS Announces London Vehicle Fleet To Go All-Eletric

Transportation Corporation UPS has recently announced plans to update its fleet of vehicles to electric engines. UPS currently owns one of the world’s largest fleet of vehicles and the announcement of going all electric after deploying a new smart grid technology in the city of London signals the beginning of the end for traditional internal combustion engines.
UPS currently operates 170 trucks out of it central London site, and electric motors already power 65 of the 170 vehicles in operation. The corporation had desires to electrify the entire fleet already but the cost of charging a large number of vehicles at the same time was prohibitive. In an effort to make the charging of vehicles more affordable the corporation developed a smart electric urban logistics project with the UK power networks and Cross River partnership. This project was undertaken with help from funding secured by the United Kingdom’s office for low emission vehicles.
This project includes a smart grid connected to a central server that is able to reach each electric vehicle charge post in addition to the grid power supply and on-site energy storage. By connecting all these devices, it is able to stabilize the demand of power placed upon the charging stations and is able to charge every vehicle overnight without excessively peaking energy demands. This eliminates the need for upgrades to the external power grid.
Peter Harris, one of the directors of sustainability at UPS Europe, commented publicly on this announcement. He said that UPS thinks that by using new technology in order to overcome some of the large challenges to electric vehicles that will help to bring a new generation of sustainable urban development not only in London but in cities across the globe. Electric vehicles are already an important part of the UPS’s alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet. By collaborating with the government of the United Kingdom that has enabled a key development in the deployment of cost-effective electric vehicles that will increase the rate of adoption around the world.
With the new smart grid system and the energy, capacity upgrade to the central London site it is possible for their entire fleet of 170 delivery vehicles will be switched to electric engines. The company already has plans to bring electric vehicles to many of its cities around the world.

Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Health Care was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Warnham, United Kingdom. Sussex Health Care is jointly owned by Shiraz Boghani (Chairman) and Shafik Sachedina. Mr. Boghani has a background career in personalized hospitality and he wanted to help others who needed specialized care. Partnering with Mr. Sachedina enabled both men to create Sussex Health Care which helps individuals and their families who suffer with neurological diseases and diseases that are related to a brain dysfunction mainly due to aging like Dementia and Alzheimer.

Sussex Health Care operates thousands of homes throughout the U.K., Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, offering 24 hour supervised care services. Each senior living home is personalized depending on the specific illness of the patient. Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina are proud to offer varied facilities which gives patients and their families an environment consisting of learning exercises, physical and mental support, and more. Treatment programs are designed for each patient’s individualized needs.

The in-home living quarters are designed with ensuite accommodations. Sussex Health Care has received the top 20 care home awards since 2014. Sussex has received accreditation from the U.K. Health Quality Service and has achieved outstanding ISO international standard symbol. Each home is set in beautiful communities with typical amenities including gardens which patients, if they are able, can help to tend. The homes can accommodate up to ten individuals with ground floor ingress and egress entrances.

There are well-monitored call system, fully equipped kitchens and dining areas, and comfortably large community sitting rooms. There is Internet connections, pets are allowed, game rooms, technology-inspired bed rooms, swimming pools/spas, transportation, wheelchair access, and television viewing in the rooms and in common areas.

Sussex Health Care is noted for its high-quality health and social care support services in the categories of home care, residential homes, and nursing home care. Support managers are always available which adds to the Sussex reputation of setting the standard for elderly healthcare excellence and compliance. If you need elderly day care while you are at work, Sussex Health Care has initiated this feature as well.

Sussex Health Care is staffed with experienced and qualified people. With the many locales that Sussex manages, they are always looking for professionals who enjoy helping others. The Sussex Health Care website has many positions available. Sussex offers many benefits, including a pension plan, paid breaks, mentoring, and holidays.

Sussex offers entry level training and advanced education opportunities. Just to name a few of the employment opportunities waiting to be filled at Sussex Health Care are Senior Care Assistant, Home Administrator, Residential Care Home Manager, Domestic Assistant, Payroll Supervisor, Peripatetic Manager, and Registered Nurses.

Read more: Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents

A Deeper Look into the Mind of Jorge Moll, Neurologist

The human mind is so intricate and multifaceted, and a Neurologist’s mind like Dr. Jorge Moll is no different. Many aspects of Jorge Moll’s life follow suite with his favorite quote by Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Within his thoughts and day-to-day actions, Dr. Jorge Moll’s focus shifts between family, interests and work in magnitudes.

First and foremost, Jorge Moll is a family man. With no regrets to money spent on items such as building blocks or figurines for his children, Jorge Moll is continually creating lasting memories for his family. Simplicity is at the base of all his ideas, as Dr. Moll’s goal has always been to help those whose quality of life is diminished by their health conditions. With family in mind, Dr. Moll’s vision was to make topnotch education, research and healthcare available to his home country of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

With his master’s degree in neuroscience and his doctorate in experimental pathophysiology, Dr. Jorge Moll’s vision became reality with the creation of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR). He currently serves as president and board member for IDOR and as the Director of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit. As a successful business man and entrepreneur, Dr. Jorge Moll has tips and fundamental values from his experience to share with all those who will listen. Dr. Jorge Moll believes in keeping free exchange of ideas within the work place and allowing collaborations whenever the opportunities rise. With ideas, he suggests to not hold on to them for too long as ideas are plentiful. He advises to choose ideas that can form a plan of action, drop ones that cannot, and always question your plan models. The doctor contributes his productivity to his transparency, open workplace, and his skillfulness in his field. Dr. Jorge Moll’s own words can offer strong advice and simplify his inner workings, “My passionate belief that we can change our realities and positively impact lives and industries, by simply doing interesting things.”

Lawrence Bender in Film Making

Lawrence Bender is most recognized for his production role(s) in many of the award-winning Quentin Tarantino films. Alongside these famous movies are also TV shows and many other films covering a variety of genres, all of which have made a successful impact on the film industry. According to (2018), Bender has occupied a producer role in 21 movies/TV shows and has been the executive producer in 7 more of these works. He was born October 17, 1957, in The Bronx, New York and grew up in New Jersey (, 2018). He was originally an aspiring dancer after graduating college with a civil engineering degree. However, this path was quickly put to a stop after he suffered an injury. Fortunately, the aftermath of this event was when his career in production began to blossom.

Bender currently holds three Oscar nominations under his belt: Best Motion Picture of the Year (2010) for Inglourious Basterds, Best Picture (1998) for Good Will Hunting, and Best Picture (1995) for Pulp Fiction (, 2018). It comes as no surprise that Pulp Fiction appears as one of his nominations, as it is my favourite film he has produced. Personally, I am a huge fan of this film’s elements of dark/vulgar humour and seemingly random events that brilliantly lead to plot twists that I would have never been able to predict ahead of time.

Lawrence Bender has definitely made his mark in the film industry due to his success in producing some of the world’s most iconic works. I know for certain that if his role was absent during the formation of these movies, they would not have become as well-known as they currently are. He serves as an inspiration to many film students aspiring to make it in the industry as producers.


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Whitney Wolfe Herd and the LA Clippers Are Bringing Dating and Basketball Together

     The LA Clippers have something new on their jerseys. It is the Bumble dating app’s logo, and it recently made its debut this month. The team signed its patch deal with the dating app that also contains features that allow users to search for platonic friendships and business contacts.


What Are the Clippers Calling the Bumble Logo on their Uniforms?

The logo that has been placed on the upper left side of the jerseys is called the “Empowerment Badge.” Along with investing in this patch deal, the team will also promote gender equality. The Clippers’ owner Steve Ballmer had the logo placed where it was so that it would become part of each basketball game. He believed that placing the logo on the jerseys was a meaningful action that would be noticed.


Why Did Bumble Partner with the LA Clippers?

Bumble Founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to form a partnership with the Clippers because the team’s philosophy and Bumble’s philosophy coincide with each other. Bumble is a female-focused brand and the Clippers have demonstrated its dedication to non-discrimination in the workplace.

According to Whitney Wolfe Herd, “Never before has a major professional sports team partnered in this way with a female-driven brand like Bumble. It’s an honor to partner with an organization as progressive and compassionate as the Clippers. Like us, they know generating awareness for diversity and gender equality is critical to business success.”

Bumble seeks other organizations that share its core values, and it will work to bring their resources together to form dynamic partnerships. Specifically, Bumble made a commitment to putting its advertising dollars toward companies that have women in positions of leadership and mentoring programs that target the next generation of women.


Whitney Wolfe Herd Steps into the Dating Field

Whitney Wolfe Herd has a highly fascinating background. While she was a student at Southern Methodist University, she got started as an entrepreneur by selling tote bags that would benefit the victims of the BP oil spill. After her graduation with a degree in international studies, she had a fateful meeting with the man who would co-found the dating app Tinder with her.

Ms. Wolfe Herd left her former company under unfortunate circumstances, but this did not stifle her initiative. She met Andrey Andreev who offered to invest $10 million into the dating app idea that would become “Bumble.” Since then, Bumble has been what Ms. Wolfe Herd dreamed that it would be, and that is a female-focused endeavor that has 70 people on the payroll. Of these 70 people, 85 percent of them are women. Women also occupy several of the top management positions.

Along with the dating app, Bumble also gives its users a safe place where they can meet other women in their areas with the “Bumble BFF” feature. Now, making business connections is also safer for women because of the new interface “Bumble Bizz.” Women can feel free to make professional connections with men because on Bumble Bizz, only the female may make the first contact with a man.

Protecting women is at the top of the list of important things to do for Ms. Wolfe Herd. Users of her apps can be assured that they will not be bombarded by photographs of male genitalia like they would have to endure on other apps. Since photographs of men without their shirts on were overwhelmingly rejected by female Bumble users, Ms. Wolfe Herd has banned these images as well. Bumble is definitely showing other companies how they can create environments that do not harm women and promote their interests as well.


What Makes the LA Clippers’ Leadership Team Different than Other NBA Teams?

Only one team has hired a woman to be its president of business operations, and that team is the LA Clippers. Although Gillian Zucker is the only female president of business operations, she is not the only woman in an executive position on this team. The Clippers also have a female lead general counsel, a female vice president of community relations and player programs, a female director of strategic partnerships, a female director of business development and a female chief financial officer.

This landmark deal began on March 6 and is expected to last throughout the 2019-2020 National Basketball Association season. The transaction is the league’s 20th patch deal to date. A source has stated that it is currently valued at $20 million, and it calls for signs to be placed around the arena as well as the introduction of community initiatives.

The Bumble dating app is unique because it is the one that requires the female party to make the first move after a match has been found. It was very important to Whitney Wolfe Herd to ensure that women have a safe space to interact with others, and her focus on women’s needs is a perfect match for her company and the Clippers.

Empowering The Masses For Global Change Through The Avaaz Organization

In the world today, there is an ever-increasing concern for bringing about better change in many countries. With the constant struggles for democracy across much of the Middle East and Asia, there is no lack of a need for positive forces to counterbalance terroristic leaders. The need for positive influence against corruption and abuses from people in power is not in small demand.Because of this there are a series of different organizations around the world that have been developed over the last two decades that are involved in the fight against whole variety of important protective issues. Some of the most prominent issues faced by people in all nations include: climate change, poverty, animal rights, wars and conflicts and the ever constant need to battle third world corruption. That is exactly what Avaaz Organization is involved with every day. Avaaz is a worldwide non-profit corporation that was started in 2007 to help promote global activism specifically in these areas.

 Founders Of Avaaz

The group was founded by a group of progressive activists from the U.S. and Australia. Some of the primary founders are part of However, other prominent co-founders include a former Virginia congressman Tom Perriello and the Service Employees International Union. The Avaaz Organization has been noted to be involved in a variety of civic and democracy related events on many fronts.

Sample Of Avaaz Projects

On a global scale they have worked covertly behind the scenes in Syria and Iran. One of their more controversial and prominent projects in 2009 was setting up a proxy server during the protests in Iran to allow demonstrators to still have internet access to rally more of the public. They did this by allowing the protestors to upload videos of the protests through the use of their proxies when the government had shut down internet access. They have also been involved in U.S. projects to block companies like Monsanto from their continued contamination of produce and campaigns to protect the U.S. bee population from extinction from pesticides.

The Core Of Avaaz

The main founding president and CEO of the organization is Ricken Patel. He received his Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard and was intrinsically involved in the group known as the International Crisis Group. This groups primary focus is bringing opposing sides together globally in areas of significant strife to start a dialogue. His work brought him into places like Sierra Leone, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Liberia where he worked on brokering peace discussions.The Avaaz Organization does not typically take donations from foundations or corporations. It primarily is funded through smaller donations from people who become members. Those donations from members do not typically exceed $5,000. Presently, Avaaz has nearly 47 million members worldwide. Their website is available in 17 different languages.