This Is Why Ted Bauman Has An International Recognition

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter. He is also the editor of Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. He joined Bayan Hill Publishing outfit in 2013 as a senior editor and has written so many articles for publications.

On, Ted Bauman writes about investment strategies. There he gives low-risk investment ideas. He equally advocates financial independence upon retirement. That is, how to save enough before your retirement so that you can live comfortably after you retire. However, he also provides ideas on how the seniors can make safe investments. Read more at to know more on Ted Bauman

The Bauman Letter

The Bauman Letter serves as a guide to rogue freedom and bold prosperity. The Bauman Letter is a membership club which gives you an access to the next 12 monthly newsletters if you hold a 1-year membership. Other benefits include access to an online library, daily and weekly updates, invitations to international conferences, superior customer service, and many other benefits. And with access to all the information at your disposal, you can take control of your financial freedom and/or destiny.

Ted also talks about teaching people how to make safe investments that will make it possible for them to cover their monthly bills with the returns on their investments. This is a recommendable opportunity for the seniors who struggle to meet their monthly bills.

The bottom line is that his mission with The Bauman Letter is to provide actionable investment strategies with guaranteed returns that can help you to grow your wealth, as well as create a platform that can protect your privacy and also allow you to enjoy the life that you have always dreamed of. Follow Ted Bauman on Twitter for more updates.

Ted’s interview on Ideamensch

According to the interview that Ted Bauman granted on Ideamensch, he addressed issues on how he brings his ideas to life by using excellent writing skills and real-life examples to get the attention of his readers.

During the interview, Ted Bauman confirmed that one thing that really excites him is the increasing tendency of his readers to question the global economy. He encourages ordinary people to find solutions to the problems of free capital movement and the lack of regulation of financial products by the government.

He further stressed time management as one of his strengths. He uses the most productive time of the day to get the hardest or toughest work done. In fact, he concluded by saying he wished he learned the better time management skills earlier in his life.

In addition, he encouraged people to read the book titled “Capital in the 21st Century” written by Thomas Piketty because of his underlying concept and/or idea in the book.

Furthermore, Ted Bauman was born in Washington, D.C. but raised in Maryland. However, he emigrated to South Africa as a young man where he graduated with Postgraduate degrees. He spent 25 years in South Africa and served in various executive positions before moving back to the United States. While in South Africa, he helped people to get access to the resources they need to lead a sovereign life devoid corporate greed, as well as governmental oversight. Basically, he touched so many lives. Presently, he lives with his family in Atlanta, GA. Check:


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