What Happens to Your IPhone After You Send It Back?

smartphone-1894723_960_720With today’s growing concern about the planets wellbeing recycling is becoming more and more technologically advanced. Over 90 million people use an IPhone in today’s cellular market, and with Apple pumping out new versions of the phone each year it makes you wonder: What happens to all of these old IPhones?

Apple revealed their new recycling robot named Daisy. This incredible machine has the power and the wits to take apart nine different versions of 200 IPhones in a single hour. Daisy not only takes apart these old phones, but also sorts the reusable components so that they can be used again and not discarded. A remarkable upgrade to Apple’s previous recycling robot named Liam.

Apple has also announced their new recycling program GiveBack. By turning in or trading in your old IPhones Apple will make a donation to a Virginia-based environmental nonprofit group called Conservation International. That includes turning in devices for in-store or gift card credit. You can also recycle your obsolete IPhones via Apple’s website; it is incredibly easy Apple will provide you with a prepaid trade-in kit or shipping label to send it off.

Recycling your old phone is not just good for the planet; it is also good for your identity. People use smart phones for all kinds of things these days. Most of it includes personal information, bank accounts, credit card information, the list of what we use our smart phones for today goes on and on; with many of these programs we use an auto sign-in feature making it even easier for someone to get your information. If you don’t properly recycle your phone it could end up in the wrong hands, and your identity could be at risk. 41 million people in American alone have fallen victim to identity theft.

Do the planet and yourself a favor; take advantage of the GiveBack program Apple is offering until April 30th. It will keep your identity safe and can even get you an Apple gift card up to $1000.

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