Cassio Audi Music Career and Financial Success

cassioaudiCassio Audi is one of the most prominent investment managers in Brazil. However, he also has a background playing music. When he was young, Cassio Audi played in a rock band. He loves to interact with fans while traveling around Brazil. He wanted to earn an income playing music. After several years of touring, he finally decided to get a regular job. He still performs on the weekends at various concerts.

Becoming an Investment Manager

After traveling for many years playing music, Cassio Audi attended college to earn a degree in finance. He always enjoyed math, and he wanted to help people with their finances. He graduated with a degree in finance and quickly went to work. He worked for a financial planning firm for several years.

Starting a Company

Cassio Audi did not have a lot of flexibility when working at a company. He still wanted to travel and play music. He decided to start a company to have more control over his time. He founded a financial planning firm several years ago. Although it was hard for him to succeed, he increased sales and profits quickly. He now owns one of the largest investment firms in the country.Cassio Audi tries to travel to different cities every time he plays in his band. He loves the traveling experience, and he enjoys interacting with fans after his shows. In the coming years, he plans to continue working in the financial sector while playing music for his fans.

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