Jeffrey Aronin: Driving Force of Paragon Biosciences Success

Jeffrey Aronin is the CEO and chairman of Paragon Biosciences since 2010. Jeff has played an essential part in the bioscience sector. His work at the Paragon Biosciences has helped the health care department by finding a cure for ailments that had no treatment. Jeff Aronin has always had a passion for science and helping patients, and this passion has been a driver of his career. He focuses on assisting people and particularly the small patient population that is overlooked by pharmaceutical companies.


Paragon Biosciences is a company that focuses on bridging the gap between the medical needs of patients and supply to meet these needs. There are very many medical needs in the country that are yet to be met. Many strive to meet these needs, but there is still a significant gap. Paragon Biosciences seeks to meet these needs by building or supporting companies that will meet these needs. Jeff Aronin and his team identify startup-up companies and provide them with financial and human resources that will assist them to develop drugs that are not yet in the market. For instance, Paragon Biosciences has been involved in the creation of Castle Creek pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences. Jeff Aronin chaired the two companies, and as the chairman of the companies, he managed to organize his team to develop drugs needed in the market. His contribution to these companies has led to the creation of drugs that have saved the lives of many people in the country.


Paragon Biosciences incubates and invests in biotechnology companies. The company identifies ailments that have no cure and develops companies that will focus on creating treatments for these ailments (Crunchbase). The company has so far had thirteen drugs approved by the FDA in times when drug approval is very slow.


Apart from working at Paragon Biosciences, Jeffrey Aronin is an entrepreneur, and he offers mentorship and advice to leaders heading startup companies in the Healthcare and Biotech industry.

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