laptop-2559710_960_720Without a doubt, technology has been a blessing in every aspect of that word. in the same breath, many consider technology to be a curse, with some, believing that its advancements might one day reach catastrophic abilities. However, no matter what side of the conversation you are one, we know for sure that technology and its advances are allowing us to accomplish feats that we never imagined we could before. In fact, we don’t even have to look that far back to see the growth and improvements we have created for us in recent years. In reality, not even as far as a decade in the past, technological advances such as smart watches and smart were only a thing of science fiction. Today, wearable technology such as Wear OS by Google is producing new upgrades for it year after year. It truly is an amazing technological piece. As a matter of fact, here is more on the Wear OS by Google and, some of the amazing features it has embedded in it.

Wear OS By Google.
In today’s world, functioning and impressive looking smartwatches are a common piece of our daily lives. It is no longer a big deal to know that we can listen to music, check the weather, and even take a phone call from our own wrists. This is where Google has been so impressive. According to sources on the features of the Wear OS smartwatch by Google, it is clear that more emphasis is being put on the watch to improve its overall function. AS if the watch was not impressive already, Google is making the steps necessary to improve the watch’s functionality, interface, and improvements in applications. Impressively enough, the watch is in the works to receive new features such as Google Assistance and third-party control. Without getting too techy on what these features exactly do, just know that this is not the only upgrades that are going to be added to this amazing piece. In general, this shows why Google is a leading force in the tech industry. In addition to that, it shows why they will continue to be a force in the tech industry.

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