Sweden Creates a New Electrified Road

electric-charge-2301604_960_720The days of gas-powered vehicles are numbered. Each day there are new advances in the field of electric vehicles. It comes as no surprise that Sweden has recently announced a new type of road which will allow vehicles to be recharged while driving. It is very similar to the tracks that have been used in children’s toys for many years. Except these roads are using real cars.
Sweden has a stated goal of achieving complete independence from fossil fuel consumption for its vehicle fleet by 2030. The new road is simply one part of a group of several projects that have been initiated by the Swedish transport administration. The goal is to continue to develop and experiment with new technologies that could help the nation achieve fossil fuel independence by the target date.
This particular project is called eRoadArlanda, and it consists of a system which allows the transfer of electricity using an arm that is movable which connects the tracks that have been built into the middle of the road to the cars. There are plans that have been made which will allow the technology to be implemented to have your style vehicles however the current prototype is designed for work on cars and buses.
As a vehicle gets closer to the track, there is a sensor that is in place on the car or truck which will allow the detection of the electrified rail in the arm will move itself from underneath the vehicle and insert into the rail system. The arm itself is designed to be very flexible and allows the truck and car to be able to move freely around the road without disconnecting.
The quest for a truly fossil free nation has always run into the problems of lack of technology. This technological solution has made it possible for Sweden to potentially completely cut out their use of fossil fuels and their fleet of vehicles. The government has stated that they hope to share this technology with other parts of the world as they continue to expand its implementation within other areas of their own country.

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