An Alledged Facebook Stalker Has Been Identified

facebook-695108_960_720The world of advanced technologies seems to be going haywire these days. With so many adverse situations with the internet, and social media, it is difficult to know who is trustworthy, and who is not. Consumers are now having trust issues because the people who are supposed to protect their information, are proving themselves to be untrustworthy, and corrupt. Facebook has been under fire for weeks, and now something else goes wrong. The security engineer with the social media giant has been accused of using the personal information of customers to stalk women online.

This is a horrible blow to the social media industry. Facebook is investigating the allegations against the security engineer who has admitted to being a stalker for a number of years. This misconduct of the employee seems like fire is being added to the downward spiral of events that are upsetting the internet social leader. Consumers may be getting to the point of disgust with what was an enjoyable way to stay connected with friends and family. The most recent allegations may decrease the popularity of Facebook. It will definitely make people be more concerned about their safety on the open web.

Whether or not Facebook is being pounded with an influx of conspiracies is at the back of the minds of many social media users. No one wants to think that they can be singled out, and stalked by someone in an entity that they once trusted. Of course, the person was fired for violating the responsibilities of his position, but who is to say that there is not another who will, or have, taken advantage of their positions. These types of allegations are found in several industries when someone has control over important information.

The Facebook consumers want to know what can they expect to happen next. Will there be some kind of assurance issued that will ensure that this type of thing doesn’t happen again? Women may be reluctant to continue on Facebook because of this. No one knows if this type of damage can be undone, or if they should continue to be uneasy about it.

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