Shervin Pishevar Predicts Future Recession

Economic Predictions

Shervin Pishevar is a respected investing professional. He was an early investor in Uber, and he earned a substantial return on his initial investment. He spends a lot of time focusing on trends in the market. He recently spent several hours tweeting about his predictions for the future.

Even though the economy in the United States is thriving, he predicted that a recession is coming. He pointed to several different reasons for this prediction. He also thinks that the stock market will collapse in 2018.

Stock Market

Since the recession in 2008, the stock market has climbed drastically. Many investors have earned a positive return during this period. Shervin Pishevar predicted that the time of high investment returns is over.

He believes that many investors are getting too confident with their investing abilities. He also thinks that the real unemployment rate is much higher than what is reported. With rising rates, he assumes that more people will utilize investments like gold and treasury bonds to save for retirement. Shervin Pishevar recently moved a substantial amount of his portfolio into gold stocks.

Economic Trends

Shervin Pishevar also believes the United States is falling behind other countries around the world. He predicted that the best students in the United States would start moving to other countries in search of better employment opportunities. Few people agree with him on this prediction.


Shervin also offered advice to political leaders in the United States. He said that infrastructure spending needs to be prioritized. Many roads and bridges are starting to deteriorate. He believes that higher infrastructure spending will generate higher rates of economic growth.

Although few people believe his predictions, Shervin Pishevar is always willing to give his opinion on investing subjects. Some people will follow these predictions closely to see what comes true.

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