Perry Mandera and Customs’ Humanitarian Work

Perry Mandera started a charitable organization known as Custom Cares Charities. The company aims at providing constant help to people in the line of transportation. Besides, the company addresses issues such as disaster relief among others. He is also an entrepreneur and a sports fan. Perry Mandera serves as a member of directors at the Illinois Trucking Association (ITA). Perry started school in Chicago whereby he graduated in 1975. Later he started working at the United States Marine Corps Reserves as the motor pool. As a motor pool, Perry Mandera learned to drive a truck. His interest as a transportation entrepreneur started in 1980 where he worked for many different companies. He has also served as a committee in republican ward leaving a record as the youngest man in the committee. Mandera received several honors which include The Illinois Crime Commission’s Bishop Shiels Award in 2010, Support for the Sister Paulanne Needy Family Fund among others.

Perry Mandera has donated transportation services to help in 2013 tornado disaster. The services benefited many residents and businesses’ persons in Washington, Illinois. In addition to the stated, Perry donated supplies to the affected families. Additionally, he coordinated in the distribution of relief to the victims outside Illinois area. On average, Perry Mandera Company delivered 40 truckloads of food to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Among the goods distributed, some were bought by Perry Mandera while others were donated which were given to victims in Louisiana and Mississippi.

In the recent past, Perry and Customs Company offered transportation services to aid victims of devastating wildfires in California. Most of the Supplies were donated to those people who were internally displaced and also lost their belongings. By helping people who lost their homes, the Perry Mandera and his company show that they solve long-term necessities of each. One of the evidence that the custom care company minds the long-lasting wellbeing of people is their participation in Environmental protection Agency’s SmartWay program. From the above citations, Perry Mandera and the Custom Company have made charity as their norm.


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