The Mental Plan and Financial Achievements of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is sensational when it comes to navigating the difficult terrain of the financial services industry. He has been in the financial service industry for more than 21 years and as a result, gaining significant experience in the business. During this time in the management, he has held numerous portfolios such as Board Member, Financial Service Executive, Small Business Owner and being an Executive Mentor. His passion for building firm and profitable business institutions has seen him develop five key dimension models. In his conferences and lecturers, Glen advocates for individual agility and improving company efficiency. The five key dimensions of performance in business management include leadership, human capital, risk management, execution, and governance. Such key aspects above are critical in ensuring the success of the business initiated by Glen.


Through his business career, Glen has incorporated numerous companies that aim at improving the business environment for the investors. For instance, he founded the Nova Four which is a business accelerator enabling the startup companies to have strategic partners for raising capital. Rather than linking business to ease access to capital, he also plays the coaching duties and boarding as mechanisms to improve sustainability in the running of business activities. One of the startup business ideas that launched Glen Wakeman in stardom was the establishment of The launching of the LPTK app changed the manner the business organizations interact with the clients. One of the unique aspects which the LPTK offers the business is the platform to access online business plan through the SAAS website. Obtaining online business plans enables the investors to venture into business with adequate information eliminating the risk of loss. Glen has also ventured into other companies such as the GE capital that provides financial solutions to the investors. He has traveled across the globe, and this has presented him with the opportunity of experiencing different cultures and ways of doing business. Thus he was able to provide GE with the necessary synergy for growth. Currently, GE employs more than 17000 employees and has its operations in more than nine countries. The company has a turnover of more than 2 billion dollars annually.

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