OnePlus to release new Bullets Wireless headphones in June

0c2f6078af274f0c949ee29120869518On Wednesday, OnePlus revealed their upcoming smartphone as well as their first-ever wireless headphones. They will be called the Bullets Wireless headphones with an anticipated release date in June and a $69 price tag. While they won’t necessarily overtake other popular wireless headphones or earbuds, it’s a good start for OnePlus as they move forward with their new technologies.

A recent report from The Verge indicated that the Bullets Wireless will feature USB-C support for fast charging. Estimates are that 10 minutes of charing will allow for five hours of usage while a full charge will result in eight hours of usage. In addition, the headphones will include the Google Assistant technology and be weather resistant making them somewhat of a competitor to the popular Apple EarPods.

The Bullets Wireless buds are made from aluminum and are magnetically able to be snapped together. Users will be able to pause and resume music simply by clipping the buds together or unclipping them from one another. For this to happen, a user will have to use the headphones with a One Plus 5 or 5T, or the soon-to-be-released OnePlus 6 model smartphone.

While there are no reviews as of yet, the Bluetooth audio quality on the new wireless headphones should also be good as the AptX codec will be part of the build. OnePlus has noted that the Bullets Wireless feature “energy tubes” to help create a “clearer, richer audio” experience. Those tubes will help to isolate or stabilize sounds by reducing any reverberations that might happen within the headphone wires. As this is the first version of the headphones, there may be some kinks to work out, but it seems like they’ve integrated some helpful technologies into them.

The news of the new Bullets Wireless headphones accompanied OnePlus’ bigger announcement on Wednesday. The company is set to release the new OnePlus 6 smartphone in North America and across Europe on May 22nd with 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB models available. Prices start at $529 for the 64GB models in the United States. Now customers will be able to pair them up with the first edition of the company’s wireless headphones, but it may be worth waiting to see if reviews give them favorable remarks first.

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