OneLogin Can Prevent Data Breeches With MFA

security-1163108_960_720Digital security can be a confusing topic for most people, even owners of businesses. No one except the best IT guys have any idea what is happening inside your network, and sometimes even they can be in the dark to certain issues that may plague a system.


A lot of the biggest problems plaguing a business networks are breeches. A breech is when a illegitimate entity gains access to a system with the intention of harvesting data. Sometimes this data is stolen and sold to marketing experts, cold callers, and telemarketers, but sometimes these breeches can consist of important data like credit card numbers. These breeches are often caused by end-users of a business not keeping their accounts secure.


OneLogin is one such company that is making it easy for businesses all over the world to implement a safe, more secure network. OneLogin doesn’t need you to purchase thousands of dollars in expensive equipment. What OneLogin does that is different from most other IT methods is utilize a multi-factor authentication protocol in its systems. This system not only offers a layer of protection between employees and their information, it can also distribute permissions accordingly, securing the network from employees who may have access to information their job doesn’t require.


What is MFA?


Most people have heard of two-step authentication, but multifactor authentication expands on the process just as its name suggests. MFA uses multiple methods to confirm that the account being accessed belongs to the person who is trying to log-in.


OneLogin’s portal requires users to log-in through a single portal. This, in-turn, logs the user into all of their necessary accounts. This isn’t the same as simply using the same password for every account, which is certainly not advisable. OneLogin’s MFA portal communicates with each of these websites or apps and, in layman’s terms, it logs into each account using your real log-in credentials.


One of OneLogin’s method of authentication is simple SMS. When you first log-in to the portal, a text message will be sent to your phone, requesting you to provide the sent number to the computer. This verifies that a legitimate user is logging into the machine, preventing unwanted visitors to your network.


Most business owners know the consequences of data breeches: spending large amounts of money on repairs and possible spending even more on lawsuit settlements. Following this large sum of money comes another large amount: to upgrade your security software. None of these upgrades will be necessary with OneLogin. OneLogin accomplishes one thing above all else: prevents your employees from leaking their own information. Employees can often write down important passwords on paper, leaving it laying around and generally being careless with the information. With OneLogin, an employee no longer needs to remember, or write down, countless numbers of passwords.


What Does OneLogin Protect?


Best case scenario: after a company wide breech, the information stolen will consist of client emails and phone numbers. This information will be sold to advertisers and telemarketers. Worst case scenario: credit card and other financial information can be obtained, costing your company millions of dollars. Potentially, a hack like this could completely kill a company.


As previously mentioned, OneLogin takes the most basic, yet highly effective step, of taking passwords out of the hands of employees. Despite what you see on TV, most hackers simply gain access to an account by having the log-in credentials. Hackers will have to resort to near impossible methods if they want to get into a company that uses OneLogin.


The Future of Digital Security


The world of IT has certainly seen better days. IT is filled with people with no passion for what they do, simply working in the field to make a paycheck. The more skilled IT guys realize that if they fix a problem for good that they will be out of a job.


OneLogin isn’t IT; OneLogin is a real solution. It is a real way to prevent costly data breeches.


Most business rely on third-party firms to handle their IT. These IT firms are often working with hundreds of other corporations and businesses, creating a backlog that results in your problem being put on the back burner. Every business owner knows the feeling of waiting several days, even weeks, before IT shows up.


OneLogin can prevent these scenarios from happening. OneLogin should be the first step to digital security at any business.

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