Barbara Stokes’ Business Expertise

Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC. She is also working round the clock in humanitarian relief specializing in Disaster Relief Construction. Ever since the company was established, the company team has been working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as well as private sectors to provide various safe, permanent housing, and several commercial solutions by developing exclusive, modern design, engineering as well as manufacturing techniques ranging from modular to construction on site. The team has been engaged in land planning and utility installation, build houses for campuses, learning institutions and residential housing, as well as military developments and projects like guard shacks that are bullet proof. Barbara works with her team on a daily basis to ensure that ideas are transformed into concepts. Follow Barbara Stokes on


Barbara attended Mercer University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering and physics. She also went and studied GSH applied subjects like manufacturing and management, thermodynamics, and properties of materials. After graduating, she was employed at Pisces Corporation and Boeing after which she moved to offering her GSH expertise in government contracting therefore supporting the mission of FEMA. She is a family woman with a husband and three children. Nonetheless, Barbara Stokes also takes part in community activities in Huntsville where she lives. Her idea of medical evaluations came from her passion in business. She believes that professions in the medical domain need more technical knowledge as well as understanding in order to succeed. A typical working day for Barbara starts early in the morning and ends late in the night. She balances between being a family woman and a business person by dedicating equal time to her family and business. Mrs. Stokes believes that balancing between family and home is important.


Barbara is excited about the increasing number of female professions in business leadership positions and STEM-related professions. Staying a few steps ahead has helped her grow her business since they focus ahead. Since GHS is a woman-owned business Stocks takes the merits of the SBA programs and uses them as a tool for her business growth. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

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