Cloud Storage, Voice Posts, and Stories Archiving Aims to Keep Facebook Relevant

cloud-2104829_960_720It hasn’t been that long since Facebook introduced its new “Stories” format, a way of sharing that allows your content – be it a video or image – to be viewed twice and ultimately disappear after 24 hours. It’s a fairly common format, and now Facebook has decided to follow in the shadow of Instagram and provide the ability to save or archive your stories so that they can be viewed or reshared at a later time. That’s not all, though. Facebook is also adding the ability to make voice posts within your stories will now offer a cloud storage service.

Allowing voice posts is a way to help push the Stories format of Facebook to more people globally, making it easier for some to share without having to use a keyboard. Users will be able to narrate any picture they upload or leave a voice post with nothing more than a colored background. And, since there are loads of “budget” phones out there with next to no storage space available, Facebook is also adding a new cloud storage feature that will allow users to save images and video taken via the Facebook camera directly to the cloud, without taking up a single kilobyte of local storage space.

This trio of features will initially roll out in India which, according to Tech Crunch, is where Facebook went to learn what it would take to get more people involved in using the Stories feature. That same outlet also implies that future of Facebook is reliant on the world adopting stories as their primary medium of sharing their lives. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but it’s certainly not the most popular feature at the moment. Stories are more of a hit and miss for users, with some jumping on board right away and others ignoring it altogether. Facebook has yet to announce when these new features will arrive to users in other parts of the world, but you can bet their release is contingent upon success in India.

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