YouTube Adds New Section to Videos for Additional Song Information

As of May 16, 2018, YouTube has officially made a long awaited change to how its video descriptions work, adding an additional section to include specific song information for music used in a particular video.

So far, over half a billion videos have been given this treatment with more to come in the future as the feature is progressively rolled out. Labeled as the “music in this video” section under the “SHOW MORE” tab, certain videos can now offer information on song titles, their artists, their writers, and the licenses associated with the music. Some videos will even feature a link to an artist’s official channel if the song isn’t being played from the channel already.

This decision was likely made either as part of or in response to the settlement YouTube and the National Music Publishers Association, which cost the Google-owned entity around $40 million worth of royalties to artists. Properly crediting those who make the music on videos would just be one way in which they could avoid this happening in the future, especially if it meant steering viewers back to the artists’ official channels and away from unauthorized uploads.

Unfortunately, this isn’t all good news. In order to help locate videos and provide the proper credit, YouTube has turned to its favorite solution to all problems: The algorithm. To make matters worse, the company says it will be using the same technology that goes into its Content ID system, considered by many to be a disastrous piece of code notable for causing many, many, many problems over the years related to false flagging, improperly flagging, or simply not flagging at all copyrighted material and works allowed under fair use.

If the company can manage to properly utilize this feature, however, it could provide much needed credit and revenue to the artists who make the songs we love. Execution will likely be the determining factor of how things end up.

“Music in this video” is now available for a large number of videos on both the desktop and mobile app versions of YouTube, with more to come in the near future.

A New Think Tank Is Embracing Digital Technologies

A new think tank is being launched by executives from Hearst Digital Media, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Lego, Universal Music, Vice, Sony Music, Havas and several of the global advertising and entertainment majors this summer. The idea is to advance the intergration of emerging and media technology.

The kick off of the Digital Future Council will officially begin in June during the Cannes Lions Festival. Blockchain technology will be examined through a series of events. The topic was chosen due to the popularity of demand from the creative communities. The impact blockchain has on monetization, content distribution and audience interaction will be explored. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is often referred to as the Oscars of advertising. This is an awards ceremony and global showcase for creative communications.

There will be worldwide quarterly events focusing on Big Data, AI and additional emerging technology. This is meant to ignite meaningful conversations and debates, promulgate the practices best for the advertising communities and global marketing and formulate tangible advice. For more information please visit

The Cannes Lions former head is Rob Dembitz. He believes stakeholder returns can be driven through creativity and technology but usually occurs through a lack of understanding. He feels the prospect of bringing together technology, media and communications is extremely exciting. The additional founders include the head of marketing innovation for Havas Media, Jason Jercinovic, Vice Media’s Mark Adams, Mic publisher Cory Haik, Hearst Digital Media’s executive director Sheel Shah, The Lego Group’s James Poulter, Dani Murray of Warner Bros., Martin Schönberger of Sony Music, Joshua Burke of Universal Music, Adam Boita of Pernod Ricard, Mary Keane Dawson of the Truth Media Agency, Ben Sutherland of Diageo, Kate Cox of GoDaddy and Kavin Abosch the photographer and artist.

Kate Cox is always scanning digital technologies capable of driving the marketing efforts of GoDaddy forward. This is how the company powers the online presence of small business customers while enabling them to succeed. This enables the business to remain ahead of any industry developments while providing a forum for creative technologists and senior marketers to debate future technologies.

Chris Linkas – An In-Depth Look Into Strategic Investing

Chris Linkas is an established financial investor with a background in the industry. His previous investment experience allows him to assist others in the financial industry and help them get started with simple investing. He has previously expressed his concerns in regards to college students and high school graduates not pursuing a financial lifestyle with investments in the stock market.


One of Chris Linkas’ main focuses is to try and convince college students in their early twenties to try and start investing to build for the future. This is one way Chris believes that younger adults can better establish their financial footprint in the investing markets.


Chris Linkas has financial experience in several international markets, and there are several different strategies that he supports when trying to establish a personal investment strategy for a newcomer to the industry. One of those strategies is to allow the concept of compound investing to take place. This essentially means to reinvest funds rapidly, for example to reinvest a dividend payment back into the market so that the money can build off of itself. This is a great way to establish a passive income while still investing. Having your investments work for you is ideal, and requires little to no effort to generate new revenue. Chris Linkas is a master of this type of investing, and following these basic concepts could potentially allow for you to invest dozens of years earlier than your peers.


There are obviously additional factors that Chris Linkas has experience with, and that includes risk and volatility strategies that could potentially setup for longer term returns, while providing a large amount of risk earlier on in that specific investment. When dealing with riskier investments, mistakes can happen and sometimes the returns will be less or even negative, it is important to not be discouraged from mistakes and to learn from them rather than completely quitting from investing.

Perry Mandera and Customs’ Humanitarian Work

Perry Mandera started a charitable organization known as Custom Cares Charities. The company aims at providing constant help to people in the line of transportation. Besides, the company addresses issues such as disaster relief among others. He is also an entrepreneur and a sports fan. Perry Mandera serves as a member of directors at the Illinois Trucking Association (ITA). Perry started school in Chicago whereby he graduated in 1975. Later he started working at the United States Marine Corps Reserves as the motor pool. As a motor pool, Perry Mandera learned to drive a truck. His interest as a transportation entrepreneur started in 1980 where he worked for many different companies. He has also served as a committee in republican ward leaving a record as the youngest man in the committee. Mandera received several honors which include The Illinois Crime Commission’s Bishop Shiels Award in 2010, Support for the Sister Paulanne Needy Family Fund among others.

Perry Mandera has donated transportation services to help in 2013 tornado disaster. The services benefited many residents and businesses’ persons in Washington, Illinois. In addition to the stated, Perry donated supplies to the affected families. Additionally, he coordinated in the distribution of relief to the victims outside Illinois area. On average, Perry Mandera Company delivered 40 truckloads of food to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Among the goods distributed, some were bought by Perry Mandera while others were donated which were given to victims in Louisiana and Mississippi.

In the recent past, Perry and Customs Company offered transportation services to aid victims of devastating wildfires in California. Most of the Supplies were donated to those people who were internally displaced and also lost their belongings. By helping people who lost their homes, the Perry Mandera and his company show that they solve long-term necessities of each. One of the evidence that the custom care company minds the long-lasting wellbeing of people is their participation in Environmental protection Agency’s SmartWay program. From the above citations, Perry Mandera and the Custom Company have made charity as their norm.


you can read more about Perry Mandera in the following artice below

Why Do Chicago Residents See Perry Mandera as a Saint

The Mental Plan and Financial Achievements of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is sensational when it comes to navigating the difficult terrain of the financial services industry. He has been in the financial service industry for more than 21 years and as a result, gaining significant experience in the business. During this time in the management, he has held numerous portfolios such as Board Member, Financial Service Executive, Small Business Owner and being an Executive Mentor. His passion for building firm and profitable business institutions has seen him develop five key dimension models. In his conferences and lecturers, Glen advocates for individual agility and improving company efficiency. The five key dimensions of performance in business management include leadership, human capital, risk management, execution, and governance. Such key aspects above are critical in ensuring the success of the business initiated by Glen.


Through his business career, Glen has incorporated numerous companies that aim at improving the business environment for the investors. For instance, he founded the Nova Four which is a business accelerator enabling the startup companies to have strategic partners for raising capital. Rather than linking business to ease access to capital, he also plays the coaching duties and boarding as mechanisms to improve sustainability in the running of business activities. One of the startup business ideas that launched Glen Wakeman in stardom was the establishment of The launching of the LPTK app changed the manner the business organizations interact with the clients. One of the unique aspects which the LPTK offers the business is the platform to access online business plan through the SAAS website. Obtaining online business plans enables the investors to venture into business with adequate information eliminating the risk of loss. Glen has also ventured into other companies such as the GE capital that provides financial solutions to the investors. He has traveled across the globe, and this has presented him with the opportunity of experiencing different cultures and ways of doing business. Thus he was able to provide GE with the necessary synergy for growth. Currently, GE employs more than 17000 employees and has its operations in more than nine countries. The company has a turnover of more than 2 billion dollars annually.

Jorge Moll Focus on Neuroscience of the Brain with Its Relation to Behavior

In 2006, Jorge Moll conducted a study concerning some interesting questions on the relation of the brain physiology and altruism, as well as, morality sense. The research carried out at the National Institute of Health was based around elements of brain scanning. Jorge Moll alongside his partner, Jordan Grafman, found out that various factors influenced the participants’ decisions to either donate money for scanning or keep it for themselves. Excitingly, the team’s study indicated that when the participants decided to engage in activities that benefit others, a primitive brain segment was activated. In Moll’s opinion, this part of the brain is often accompanied by baser functions of the brain including sex and food. Jorge Moll’s research illustrates that individuals give because donating activates specific pleasure giving the individuals a good feeling.

The exploration of Jorge Moll into the role of the brain in morality shows that ethics is wired within the neural architecture. Moll’s findings verify the concept that morality is a result of particular evolutionary procedures, which has spanned multiple species (Vivianegomes). Jorge’s idea complies with other research conducted by other experts. For instance, studies were done on rats showing that they reject eating having understood that they would suffer electric shocks. This element indicates the ability of other species in the establishing of ethical decisions. Moreover, Jorge Moll postulates that various research point to the relevance of empathy as the basis for morality. In his opinion, scientists understood the ability to recognize the internal state of creatures as the leeway to developing specific social behaviors.

Jorge Moll is the President of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education. He has been operational in the health sector for a long time now. Jorge Moll has a profound history of investigating the relationship between the human brain and its influence on decision-making. Jorge Moll’s presence in the health industry has been beneficial to many other researchers. His colleagues have adopted some of his works like the use of functional magnetic resonance in clinical studies. Jorge Moll’s excellence has impacted other agencies including the Stanford Neuroscience Institute and the International Neuroethics Society. Additionally, many initiatives have recognized Jorge’s distinction awarding him immensely.

Capital Expenditure Increases in the Technology Industry

Over the course of the last century, there has been an incredible development in the technology that is used by the world. It was not that long ago that individuals were still using a horse and buggy to get around. Today you are able to simply hop on a plane and be across the world in a matter of hours. It probably comes as no surprise that one of the largest drivers of the economy today is the technology industry.
In the first quarter of the financial year of 2018, one of the largest drivers of capital investment has been stocks from technology companies instead of the traditional industrial giants. When you take a look at the numbers, you will see that capital expenditures are on the path to a growth of 25.9%. Over half of that growth is being driven by companies in the information technology industry. This growth is pushing technology companies stocks to a five-year high. A disproportionate amount of this growth has been posted by Google and Microsoft. A smaller but still significant percentage of this growth has been by companies related to cloud computing and semi conductors.
Earlier this year Pres. Donald Trump decreased the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. The extra capital that this decrease has generated has mostly gone into dividends and share buybacks rather than capital investments that are the typical movers of economic growth.
Industrial corporations are actually decreasing the amount of capital they use for investment. In fact, across the board, the overall rate of capital expenditure is decreasing except for that of the technology industry.
Consumer discretionary spending is another area that is pushing forward growth in capital expenditure however much of that comes from Amazon, another technology company. Capital expenditure is even increasing amongst smaller companies in the technology industry as many of them have been able to increase their spending. The overall growth rate is up to 48% during this quarter.
This will likely continue in the long term however in the short term for the rest of this year rate of growth are expected to decrease.

Jeff Aronin Had The Expertise And Compassion To Forever Change The Life Of A Woman With A Rare Disease

Desiree Lyon spent a large portion of her life in the hospital. Her disease was rare, caused searing pain and nearly took her life. Porphyria is unpredictable with a horrific abdominal pain. She had in excess of twenty attacks, was completely paralyzed twice and was in intensive care thirty times. Very few individual were aware of Porphyria when her symptoms began. The disease is eight inherited disorders caused by the natural chemicals in the body building up. This causes fragile skin, abnormal chemical levels, paralysis, coma, seizures and potential damage to the organs. She was undiagnosed for ten years. Nothing changed until Jeff Aronin became a part of her life.


Desiree Lyon was finally diagnosed at age 28. Her relief came from a new drug created for her rare condition. This was when Jeff Aronin appeared with the expertise and drive she needed desperately. She had already co-founded the APF or the American Porphyria Foundation in 1982. Jeff Aronin’s company was Ovation Pharmaceuticals and he partnered with her foundation. Her life was better due to an injectable drug called Panhematin until manufacturing was halted pending a plant upgrade demanded by the FDA. The manufactured decided to stop producing the drug.


Desiree Lyon became desperate as the supply of the drug decreased. She appealed to government officials and the FDA. She called CEO’s of numerous different drug companies to restore production. One drug maker was traveling in Paris, another was reached on his cell phone and yet another was on vacation with his family. There were now 8,500 members in the APF but not enough donations to begin marketing. The doctors were not interested in an orphan drug.


Jeff Aronin clearly saw what was happening. He knew Desiree Lyon worked hard, was passionate and organized. This is why the drug is available today. Jeff Aronin made the decision to sell Ovation so he could found Paragon Biosciences. He made investments into biotechnology companies committed to patents. The life changing Panhematin did go through a few different changes of hands but the danger had passed. The drug is available as an orphan therapy for rare diseases.

How IC Systems Offers Some Of The Best Service In The Debt Collection Industry

IC System is a family owned company which was launched in 1938. Its founders were a married couple, Ruth and Jack Erickson. This is an accounts receivable company which collects debts owed by patients. IC System is currently owned by the third generation of the Erickson family. It is based in St. Paul, Minnesota.

IC System has used the latest innovations throughout its history. One example of this took place in 1968 when they were the first collection agency in America to use computers in place of typewriters. They have continued this practice into the present day and are regarded as one of the most secure collection agencies in the business.

IC System contracts with companies to collect any debt that a customer owes to it. The representatives of IC Systems have received extensive training to act both ethically and in a way that is friendly to the patient. They know that the businesses they are collecting debt for want to maintain a good relationship with the customer while at the same time getting the debt collected. This approach to debt collection as resulted in this company becoming a finalist for the BBB Torch Award for Ethics three years in a row (2013 to 2015).

Because IC Systems is licensed and/or bonded in every state in the countries as well as American territories they can collect debt regardless of where the patient has moved. Many times someone moves after a debt becomes delinquent which can be a problem for companies who have not cast as wide a net as IC Systems has.

In 1981 IC System started the Employee Charitable Help Organization (E.C.H.O.). A number of employees of this company sit on a committee where they decide the best way to help out others in the general community. Each month they provide funding to a number of different charitable organizations. They also help employees of this company who are facing a hard situation whether it is financial or health in nature. Some of the nonprofits they have supplied funding to are the St. Jude Children’s Hosptial Charities, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Toys for Tots, and the American Cancer Society among others.


You can read more about IC system in the following link below

Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold: Making A Vision A Success

UPDATE: May 22, 2018

Organo Gold is a coffee company that is looking to bring out the health benefits of coffee, in addition to making a good cup of Joe. They want to help more than your eyes, too. Research suggests that infusing our favorite bean with shampoo can bring benefits such as reducing hair breakage. Even drinking coffee the old-fashioned way is beneficial. Coffee contains antioxidants, which are good for reducing inflammation of the skin.

UPDATE: August 22, 2017
Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold continue to be on the cutting edge of health trends, as their inclusion of Grapeseed oil showcases. Athletes depend on new sources of healthy energy, and Organo continues to evolve with health and science, as we continue to learn more about how the human body functions. Not to mention, how to get the human body functioning at the highest level.

UPDATE: August 23, 2016
Bernardo Chua has begun a rewards program for Organo Gold, called the Preferred Customer Program. The program is designed to reward frequent buyers, by providing a 25% discount on Organo Gold coffee and associated products. Check out more information from Organo Gold’s official website at the following link:

Bernardo Chua is a successful businessman who has risen from being a small-time employee in the Philippines to a global entrepreneur. He has applied his incomparable business strategies to build his company Organo Gold to the level that it is today. He also works hard to bring as many people as he can with him on the road to success.

This marketing expert founded Organo Gold in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. A start-up company with only three employees has grown into a multi-million dollar industry in more than 35 countries with thousands of employees and independent distributors. Prior to his own company, he was employed by Gano Excel located in the Philippines. In 2003 he moved to California to manage Gano Excel USA. Raised in the Philippines, he knew the health benefits of the ganoderma lucidium herb. This ingredient was included in the products produced by Gano Excel, but on Facebook Bernardo said he had a different vision involving its use in beverages like coffee and tea.

In just a few short years, he has delivered a healthier alternative to beverage drinkers that improves lives with greater levels of wellness, balance and prosperity. His hard work and persistence have earned him many awards. Bernardo has been chosen as the Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year almost half a dozen times. In 2014 he received a Business and Industry Dangal ng Bayan Award.

In January 2015 he and two of his staff attended an award ceremony in Manila, Philippines by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation. He again was awarded two Dangal ng Bayan awards and recognized as Outstanding Global Entrepreneur. His company was awarded two People’s Choice Awards for Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee and Number One Global Network Marketing Company. Dangal ng Bayan awards recognize top-notch Filipino products and business people who prompt other Filipinos to succeed in business. People’s Choice Awards are given to outstanding business people in a variety of professional fields and products for consumers.

A YouTube speech prompted Bernardo to talk about how his company sponsor OG Cares Foundation that enriches the lives of young men and women worldwide to make them better leaders. The speeches and mentoring he provides teaches how to make a big impact on a larger scale. His vision as a young man was realized with hard work, determination, and a keen business sense. He teaches this same concept to today’s generation as they learn how to be a success tomorrow.  Check him out on Twitter where he goes by his common nickname Bernie.