Amazon Go stores confirmed for San Francisco and Chicago

ecommerce-3546296_960_720The cities of San Francisco and Chicago appear to be next in line when it comes to cashier-less shopping. Amazon has confirmed that both cities will have their Amazon Go stores in the future. However, a timeframe for when that might happen has yet to be announced. There could also be a few other new Amazon Go stores heading to different cities in addition to those.

In a report from The Seattle Times, they indicated that several job postings had surfaced on Amazon’s website in mid-to-late April. Those postings were for store managers to head up Amazon Go stores in Chicago and San Francisco. An Amazon spokesperson confirmed to Seattle Times that there would be stores in the two locations but could not give an official date for when they would be open to the public.

Back in February, the speculation started in Chicago when there was a building permit for a 625-square-foot “Amazon store” in the Loop district. More recently, it was reported that Amazon had plans to open a store near Union Square in San Francisco with an official announcement forthcoming. So far, there is only one Amazon Go store that is open to the public. That first store opened for business in Seattle back in January.

The cashier-less stores are an interesting concept, albeit one that is still in development based on the technology involved. Customers use an Amazon Go app on their mobile phone to swipe as they enter the store. Once inside the store, cameras and sensors are able to determine which items shoppers take off shelves. There is no checkout needed to purchase the items. The customers will supposedly be charged for any items they leave the store with.

It’s been mentioned that there could be other new store locations opening as well. Back in February there were reports that Amazon was discussing a store in Los Angeles, as well as some new locations in Seattle where the pilot store is located. Some people who are familiar with Amazon’s plans believe there may be as many as six new Amazon Go storefronts opened up for business in 2018.

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