Kiwi Robots Deliver Food Around San Francisco

alphabet-word-images-1292931_960_720At the U. C. Berkeley campus, Kiwi robots are a common sight hurrying to deliver food to the hungry students. The robots are below knee-high and are similar in looks to a wheel box, only much more high-tech. The Kiwi robots leave from the headquarters of their creators which is a stone-throw away from the campus grounds.



The business has already fulfilled over 10,000 orders. Something that differentiates this company from other delivery bots businesses is that the testing phase was done on campus grounds instead of on a sidewalk in a busy area. San Francisco even had to ban such testing on sidewalks and streets because it was getting a bit too crowded. The Kiwi delivery bots are also a lot more compact than its competitors and so they take up a lot less space.



On the U. C. Berkley campus, there is an endless supply of testing opportunities for the Kiwi bots as hungry students abound at all times. The testing of the robots has been going well for the company, and the students of the university as well as teachers seem to quite like the small robots wheeling down corridors to deliver a much-needed snack. Most students describe the robots as cute.



The company’s robots come in several different sizes to fit a broader scope of delivery needs. The approach of the company is modular, and so varied sizes are used for various tasks. The Kiwi robots are designed for the last 300 meters of the delivery. Until then, the small four-wheeled bot takes a ride in another robot that does the heavy lifting.



The multi-modal system was developed after using a single size robot to go from the restaurant to the client’s doorstep. The company noticed that doing things that way was inefficient and so they developed two more types of robots. One is inside the restaurant, the other is a semi-autonomous tricycle going on the streets, and then there are the small robots delivering the meal to the client.



As of yet, Kiwi is only a startup. The robots are not mass produced for international sale, not even nationwide sale. The company has a lot to do before they reach that level. Fortunately, the plucky startup has a plentiful of ideas to go around and work on for the near future.

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