Your Free VPN Could be Harvesting and Selling Data

cyber-security-1805632_960_720You have probably heard of VPN because most people use it to increase their safety while browsing the internet. Generally, there is a clear understanding that a VPN, also known as a Virtual Private Network, encrypts your data by protecting it from the government, hackers and online advertisers seeking to penetrate your browser and inseminate information. However, on the contrary, a recent news article highlighted that there are companies out to destroy web users who utilize a VPN by stealing their private data and selling it to different companies that may find the information somewhat useful. Despite their claims of protecting users from different online attackers, the VPN owners have confidently reflected that they have no good intentions when handling user’s privacies. This is true when it comes to free VPN machines.


Background Information


Moreover, there is by no means, a strict protocol for VPN network. Therefore, having a trademark sign of VPN is preferably not a definite assurance of the machine’s viability to protect its users. Simply put, this means that a particular VPN could be running while your internet traffic is routed to a different server. However, it does not undoubtedly assure you that you are covered from intruders. Moreover, if you have a free VPN, you should be worried about the risks involved in it because your passwords are probably being scanned. That is not all as there is more to be stolen including sensitive information. Without a doubt, this goes to show that with a free VPN, your data will always be stolen by hackers.


Technological Research


In a technology news report this week, an advocacy group tasked the FTC to conduct investigations on a hotspot shield titled free VPN. This research aimed to establish the causative agent of sharing sensitive information through VPN’s alongside leaking confidential information through different channels irrespective of them promising to protect their users from such risks.


The Outline


For those who are using any form of VPN service, as long as it is free, know that you are not protected. Moreover, there is a high possibility that these companies are harvesting your data thereby selling it to some of the highest bidders. With that said, it is important for you to consider purchasing your VPN, as far as safety is the major objective.

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