Honesty and Advertised Internet Speeds

network-1572617_960_720The Internet has quickly become one of the fastest-growing technologies of all time. In a short number of years, the ability for you to stream data into your home on-demand has become rather commonplace in the first world. There are still issues however with the access to reasonably priced Internet in a number of countries around the world. Even in the countries that do have access to the Internet, there are still sometimes issues when it comes to the advertised speed of your connection and the speed that you are actually receiving. A recent law which has been passed in the United Kingdom looks to change this.

These new laws seek to provide stricter regulation in regards to the manner in which Internet service providers are able to advertise their Internet service speeds. In the past, these companies were able to advertise with vague terminology such as “speeds up to.” This was legal as long as it was possible to provide these maximum listed speeds to a minimum of 10% of customers at any point during the day. According to the new laws, advertised maximum speeds must be available to a minimum of 50% of customers during peak usage times.

Several companies in the United Kingdom have already changed their advertising to reflect the new laws, and as a result, the speeds that they are advertising have dropped. In one case an Internet service provider had to decrease their listed advertised speed from 17 Mb per second to 11 Mb per second. These speeds still do not take into account the possibility for poor Wi-Fi connection and other sources of potential interference.

Even with more honesty in the advertising of the speeds of provided Internet service this still does not take the steps that are necessary in order to change the underlying issues. The infrastructure that provides the country with their data connections is incredibly outdated. The Internet connection speeds available in the United Kingdom are outperformed by almost every other European country. If the United Kingdom wishes to remain competitive, it should become a strong priority to update the infrastructure that is available within their country.

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