Highland Capital Is Among the Leading Fund Managers This Year

The US stock market has this year experienced a major shift in the performance of fund managers. Smaller firms have considerably outperformed the seasoned market players in the first half of the year. As is always the case January witnessed a strong stock market with firms cashing in on new deals. Things have since settled down as the year progresses.

Equities and small-cap stocks in the health sector have made the difference for the best performers this year. They have also made headways in the technology sector. Highland Capital Management has made much of their profit from the latter. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.


President Jim Dondero pointed out that they have invested more in restructuring and biotech firms. Vistra Energy and MPM holdings are some of the companies that they have invested in. The small-cap equity fund manager stated that they had further identified restructured equities through their credit activities.

In light of the healthcare reforms taking place, the portfolio manager put their weight behind biotech companies that would stand the test time. The results have so far been impressive.

Highland Capital Management has been in operation since 1987 and they currently manage assets valued at $2.5 billion. Their clients come from all walks of life with the public, corporate and private sectors well represented. Read this article at PR Newswire.

The firm has put together a management team with a great wealth of experience among themselves. They execute their duties paying close attention to the firm’s values of patience, discipline, and consistency.

Highland Capital recently included the exchange-traded funds to the list of funds that they manage. Clients were more accustomed to the fixed income portfolios and equity funds. The firm also seeks to optimize funds as they customize the products of different clients.

The Dallas based firm also manages and invests in collateralized loan obligation(CLO). They have effectively done this in partnership with Acis Capital Management. Highland Capital has offered this structured product for more than two decades has conducted the first deal back in 1996.

The firm has a number of other subsidiary companies that it uses to deliver different services. The Argent Advisors, Heritage Trust Company, Argent Timberland Group and Argent Trust Company are all affiliated with the fund manager.

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