Adam Milstein Talks About Anti-Antisemitism In Article

Adam Milstein publishes articles from time to time on Jewish News Syndicate, or JNS for short. His most recent article talked about radical alliances and their impact on anti-semitism around the world.

In the article, Adam Milstein mentioned that anti-Semitism has been present on both the radical left and right as well as within radical Muslim movements. He said that those three sources are beginning to share tactics and ideas on a more frequent basis, which has led to an increase of hate, racism and bigotry.

Adam Milstein gave a number of examples of alliances, such as rally events that took place in Chicago. The two rallies were the Chicago Dyke March and the SlutWalk Chicago. He mentioned that Zionists were derided when they tried to take part in the walk, while three people at the Dyke March were expelled due to displaying Stars of David on their flags.

Adam Milstein continued to say that a Palestinian terrorist who killed two students that were Jewish gave a speech. He accused the organizers of encouraging walkers to go to that speech. He pointed out that the speaker was also deported from America.

Anti-Semitism has also entered into the mainstream, according to what Adam Milstein wrote. He pointed out how Bernie Sanders campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, and how Corbyn worked with Paul Eisen. He said Eisen is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.

Adam Milstein finished up by saying that radical groups are focused on destroying the historic homeland of Jewish people, which is Israel. He said wherever possible and whenever they can, radicals will do anything to reach their goal. This includes working alongside those working to stop hate and racism in America or boycotting the country via the BDS movement.

He concluded that the alliances that continue to grow and foster is a threat to Jewish people around the globe as well as those in America.

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