Misdirection Used By Facebook to Gather Personal Information

Facebook used their notification system to trick users into viewing and agreeing to new terms of service. Now that the new GDPR legislation has been passed, Facebook has the headache of gaining consent from its global users to collect and store personal data. The process of enticing users to give this consent is a monumental task. To make sure they are compliant, facebook used tactics that tricked many users into believing they had friend requests and notifications that they did not really have.

The company placed a red dot on the icons warning users they have a new friend request and notification. When the users clicked the icon, they were taken to the terms and conditions consent page. This action made users believe they had to agree to the new terms and condition to be able to view their notifications or accept a new friend request.

Not all users read and understood the policy before taking the easy road and clicking that they agree to the terms, whatever they might be. This consent it a big deal for the global giant. By collecting as much personal information as possible, Facebook is able to sell that information for big bucks to advertisers. The problem with this approach was that there was no way for a user to opt out of consent once it has been granted.

Privacy activist Max Schrems currently has a lawsuit against Facebook for the underhanded way he feels the company forced the users into giving consent. To be compliant with the new laws, the consent must be fair and transparent. Facebook users have 2 options, agree or delete the account. Although there is a real need for Facebook to comply by gaining the consent of the users, misleading and confusing tricks should never be valid a solution.

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