Cyber Security focusing on the Millennials

According to a cybersecurity password survey carried out on the United Kingdom millennials by the “Cyber Awareness “government initiative, more than 52% of the millennials are using the same password in accessing the different website and online services. This common behavior exposes most of the millennials to cyber attacks as it makes it easy for hackers to access multiple and critical information from a single password.

One of the critical data is bank account details. This was represented in the survey where 79% of the respondents (a total of 2,261 millennials) admitted to having used simple messaging channels to either send or receive their bank account PIN numbers, driving license information, and even passport data. This critical data has either been sent or received by friends and family members.

The danger is that most individuals forget to delete such information once they have sent or received them. Due to this, access to such emails or accounts could lead to increased cases of identity theft. According to the survey, most millennials often used their email passwords to access other online platforms such as social media accounts, online school accounts, and even online shopping websites.

With the millennials dominating the current web and internet era, the United Kingdom government has taken advantage of the new generation interest by greatly investing in the youth as the future leaders in the field of cybersecurity. The UK government initiated a £20M countrywide program termed “Cyber Discovery”. This program focuses on captivating cyber-security interest and

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