How to be Web Security Expert from Zero

We all know that web security for online platforms is necessary. Organizations now want IT experts and professionals for their companies. Web security experts have become hot cakes. A lot of people have been scratching their brains out, wondering on how one can become a web security expert without having any experience in the IT industry. The same concern was raised on Quora. Dawid Balut, a security at Egynte, responded by giving his answer and also sharing his experience. Do you want to know how you can be a web security expert from scratch? Then read on!

Like we mentioned above, you do not have to have experience in the IT field for you to be a web security expert. However, first, you have to be a security professional. The following are other tricks for you if you are starting from zero.

How to Become a Web Security Expert

1. Apply Security Concepts

The first step to take, to become an expert is applying the security concepts in whatever field you are in. Dawid confessed in his experience, that most professionals that he knew, benefited from applying security concepts in their fields.

2. Coding is Important

Coding is a web app security tester that cuts the line between a wannabe expert and a real expert. Coding helps you to learn how to get a handle on programming language and how to improve resiliency. You also get to learn about how software stacks work.

3. Compliance and Technology Models.

Get to know about technology and business models. Study industry practices online. For instance, you can learn ways of managing AWS security using 12 different controls. Business books will also be of help and from the books, you will learn from experiences of successful businesspeople.

At the end of the day, you don’t need a degree or years of experience to join the niche. You can still be a web security expert irrespective of the field you are in. The guideline we provided will help you on this journey. Also, enrolling for a crypto analyst course in an institution offering cryptography programs will be of great help to you too. There is no time limit to become a website security expert. All what is required of you is thorough research and determination to be a web security hero!

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