Luiz Carlos Trabuco Fosters Leadership Transitions As Brandao De Mello Steps Down

After years of probing the eventuality of change and how elusive it is, experts, especially in the industry of banking, agree that organizations must embrace change or perish eventually. In this case, that change entails reshuffling in critical areas of the organization. Yet, one of the biggest and challenging aspects in at all is implementing the transition process. For that reason, when Brandao de Mello announced his resignation in late 2017, the employees of Banco Bradesco were somewhat apprehensive. However, since it was time for him depart, the employees had to embrace change and learn how to live with the eventuality of always having a new leader at some point in their lives.

Background Information on Leadership

For more than twenty-five years, Brandao de Mello served at Banco Bradesco. As the chairman, he was in charge of making most of the decisions. Nevertheless, when he turned 91 years old, he felt the need to allow someone else to provide excellent services for his clients. For that reason, a vacuum was left in the bank. Since he had no immediate replacement, he elected one of the most admired leaders to serve for a few months until when the panel for election was ready to select a leader to serve permanently. Luiz Carlos Trabuco oversaw critical operations following his vast experience while first serving as a junior advocate for Banco Bradesco alongside working with his clients to develop diversified portfolios for the bank.

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Service Delivery

From Brandao de Mello’s legacy, allegiance and persistence are the two key lessons that crop out from his commitment to serving Banco Bradesco. Moreover, having joined the bank when he was sixteen, it has been one busy and dedicated road of garnering vast experiences to elevate the service delivery portfolio of the organization. Besides, he was also the longest-serving leader of his kind. Therefore, it was the right time to let go and perhaps allow the leadership reigns take a new dimension.

Carlos Takes Over

As he stepped down, Brandao de Mello was categorical about his plans. For instance, he insisted that Banco Bradesco must only recruit from the already serving leaders. Therefore, he first elected Luiz Carlos Trabuco to step in for the short-while in which the board of directors was still struggling to find a new replacement according to Of course, Trabuco’s election was pegged on the fact that he vastly understands the banking system. Besides, he has been making significant decisions in the organization.

The Overall Replacement

In a few days, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was already serving as Brandao’s replacement at the moment as chairman. Therefore, just like he impressed the board of directors in the past when he joined the organization as a child, he upheld the leadership reigns of Brandao de Mello. From his perspective, the culture inseminated by Brando de Mello had to be passed to the next generation of leaders. Perhaps, that is why when it was time to elect who would permanently take over Carlos as a president was active in the entire election process. Octavio de Lazari became the newly elected president.

The Outline of Leadership

Octavio’s election was primarily pegged on his ability to coordinate technical banking operations. Moreover, it was discussed that he was the best fit for the banking institution because of his vast experience, technical and finance expertise. Over and above that, it was clear that Octavio, just like Luiz Carlos Trabuco, joined Banco Bradesco over four decades ago. Consequently, as he takes over, he is expected to match Brandao’s leadership reigns.


Bluehole Games Sues Fortnite Maker Epic Alleging Copyright Violation

PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the smash video game hit of 2017. The game was so popular in fact that a number of clones were almost immediately released. These clones roughly copied the game’s style where players fight ala Battle Royale. None of these clones are more popular than Epic Game’s Fortnite. In many ways, Fortnite has already surpassed PUBG culturally.

Fortnite occupies a space where people of all ages can access the game. It is offered for free on PC and many consoles. PUBG is a much more insular community made up of “hardcore” gamers. Some consider PUBG to be more violent since the game is more realistic compared to the cartoonish violence present in Fortnite. Many in the gaming community have likened Fortnite to the “kids meal” version of Battle Royale shooters. That being said, there is a healthy pro gaming interest in both titles.

The lawsuit was originally reported on by The Korea Times. They claim that a lawsuit was filed by PUBG versus Epic Games in Seoul Central District Court. The claim is a basic copyright infringement suit- essentially PUBG is stepping up to claim their trademark. This could also possibly lead to damages if Fortnite is found to have profited on PUBG’s copyright.

There has been talk in US media circles that a lawsuit would be filed- many find that the only surprise is that this suit was filed in Korea and not the United States. Fortnite and other PUBG clones likely have a serious fight on their hands- while some parts of the PUBG engine were licensed to Fornite originally that did not give them carte blanche to copy the game. Apparently, PUBG believes that Fortnite did not change the game enough from the original inspiration.

The court in Seoul has not made a ruling yet, but when that decision comes down it will likely effect lawsuits between the two companies here in the United States. Both appear to be gearing up for a fight in US court, Korea, and likely other places where they hold the PUBG copyright.

Get top-notch investment insights from household business experts like Paul Mampilly during this year’s Total wealth Symposium

If you are an investor seeking to reap profits by staying informed about the most profitable stocks and also being on tabs about what is happening in the investment world, then you better brace yourself for the Total wealth symposium.

Held once every yearly, the Total wealth symposium is an event which attracts hordes of investors and high profile members and experts of the business community such as Paul Mampilly and Jeff Yastine. It seeks to address issues which affect investors, offer solutions and offer sound investment advice to help each participant make wise and profitable investment choices. The strategies and unique approaches offered during this event seem to be working because according to statistics, those who took part in the event last year have earned profits of more than 1000 percent. Follow Paul on Medium.

Last year, Paul Mampilly, a highly successful, and financial expert addressed cybersecurity, a subject that has been a thorn in the flesh of many investors. Even with that being the case, 99.9% chances are that the topic might pop up again during this year’s conference because it is one of the primary causes of the most damaging stocks in the corporate world.

However, according to Jeff Yastine, there is a light at the end of the tunnel because even though it is impossible to prevent cybercriminals from hacking into stock systems, technology has made it possible for investors to strengthen their system security. They can do this through encryption and many other protection techniques while at the same time enabling them to detect any unusual activities which might result in an intrusion thus averting that from happening before it’s too late.

Besides cybersecurity, attendees for this year’s symposium will have an opportunity to learn one on one from some of the most innovative minds of the finance sector a factor that will equip them with top shelf skills to help them achieve mega profits in the long run. Topping the list of experts expected in attendance is Paul Mampilly, Ted Bauman, Jeff Yastine, Matt Badiali and several others who will feed attendees with their vast knowledge of the corporate world hence helping them learn how they can maximize on their returns. Additionally, they’ll also learn about impending trends which will be game changers in this sector and how they can utilize them in their businesses to their advantage.

Who is Paul Mampilyy?

Paul Mampilly is an instrumental figure in the finance sector thanks to his rich knowledge, experience, and success in everything he touches. The Fordham University graduate has been in the sector for close to two decades now and has worked with high profile companies in wall street a factor that has played a significant role in his success train.

He has achieved major milestones which prove that he is not your average finance expert such as bagging the Templeton foundation accolade after successfully running of the Kinetics asset management hedge fund and leading it to greener grounds. However, he is not driven by incessant greed which is why he quit Wall Street and now focuses on empowering others through his profits unlimited newsletter where he gives his insight on the best stocks and offers strategies that investors can use to maximize their profits.



Saving ZTE?

ZTE is one of the largest phone companies in the world. This China company service many Americans and their phones used across the globe. Recently president Trump has stopped American firms from selling parts to the company until 2025. There are word claims from Washington that ZTE violated a deal that was set a while back in which they disrupted the US sanctions of North Korea and Iran.
Well ZTE denies these claims, an Export ban was still set on ZTE which put the company as a whole one a crutch. In a domino effect, this caused a lot of ZTE employees to lose their jobs and their livelihoods in China. This was an outcry to the Chinese government and put the US government and at fault for the cause. Being contradictive, the White House has reverse there stand on ZTE as the president himself has vowed to restore the effects of these situations. As CNN Reports a tweet from the president and I quote, “President Xi of China, and I, are working together to give massive Chinese phone company, ZTE, a way to get back into business, fast. Too many jobs in China lost. Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done!”
I think the United States understand the importance of ZTE as it is the fourth largest smartphone provider in the United States. However, the US was always skeptical since 2012 about the technology that goes into the ZTE phones. Some officials claim that the technology and the phones make it easier for other countries to spy on the users. The United States has been cautious of the security and has warned ZTE before. Even president Trump has made it or wear to the Chinese government even going as far to say it is “unfair trading practices.”
To reflect on the situation, I don’t condone anyone losing their jobs and livelihoods. However, if there is a safety con cern that can put the U.S. in jeopardy then I would not put the country at risk. Also if there’s a stance that you take then I think they should follow through with the whole Act. Taking one action to punish ZTE but then turn around and try to rectify it after you cause it isn’t very professional in my eyes as a country.

Amazon Go stores confirmed for San Francisco and Chicago

The cities of San Francisco and Chicago appear to be next in line when it comes to cashier-less shopping. Amazon has confirmed that both cities will have their Amazon Go stores in the future. However, a timeframe for when that might happen has yet to be announced. There could also be a few other new Amazon Go stores heading to different cities in addition to those.

In a report from The Seattle Times, they indicated that several job postings had surfaced on Amazon’s website in mid-to-late April. Those postings were for store managers to head up Amazon Go stores in Chicago and San Francisco. An Amazon spokesperson confirmed to Seattle Times that there would be stores in the two locations but could not give an official date for when they would be open to the public.

Back in February, the speculation started in Chicago when there was a building permit for a 625-square-foot “Amazon store” in the Loop district. More recently, it was reported that Amazon had plans to open a store near Union Square in San Francisco with an official announcement forthcoming. So far, there is only one Amazon Go store that is open to the public. That first store opened for business in Seattle back in January.

The cashier-less stores are an interesting concept, albeit one that is still in development based on the technology involved. Customers use an Amazon Go app on their mobile phone to swipe as they enter the store. Once inside the store, cameras and sensors are able to determine which items shoppers take off shelves. There is no checkout needed to purchase the items. The customers will supposedly be charged for any items they leave the store with.

It’s been mentioned that there could be other new store locations opening as well. Back in February there were reports that Amazon was discussing a store in Los Angeles, as well as some new locations in Seattle where the pilot store is located. Some people who are familiar with Amazon’s plans believe there may be as many as six new Amazon Go storefronts opened up for business in 2018.

Verizon releases security incident report

Ajit Pai, believed by many to be a Verizon shill, may have attempted to kill net neutrality earlier this year, but that has not stopped Verizon from releasing its report on data breaches. The 2018 report stated that over 76% of all IT-security breaches are motivated by money, according to Forbes Magazine.

The report, which is available online, showed a total of over 53,000 incident and over 2,000 data breeches. Databases, vast storehouses of information, were the most commonly targeted asset. The time period covered by the report includes the Equifax breach. Equifax’s breach occurred because the company had an MS-SQL database servers login name and password both set to admin. Standard cyber security practices require database and system administrators to change the default passwords set up by such systems.

International espionage hacks, despite being high profile news, made up a rather small percentage of the overall attacks. More hackers engaged in corporate espionage than in international espionage. Systems administrators carried out most of the attacks, and it took several months for companies to discover that these attacks occurred.

Verizon researchers found certain industries are more likely to be attacked than others. Health care, Public administration, and retail are the most likely industries to be targeted. News of retailer data breaches occurred every though month throughout 2017. Most of these breeches took months to detect.

Security analysts believe the number of breaches reported does not represent the number of breaches that occurred. Companies and systems administrators often keep such events private. Corporations fear the damage to their public perception that occurs when the news gets out. Systems administrators and security specialists worry about losing their jobs. Major data breeches, such as the one that exposed millions of credit records in 2017, can force the person responsible to quickly generate their resume.
No one can stop all data breaches, and newly minted hackers, also known as script kiddies, often do not cause damage to major systems.