What Inspired Guilherme Paulus Into Starting CVC Tour Company And GJP Hotels?

Entrepreneurship is all about finding a need in the market and fulfilling it for a profit. Guilherme Paulus entrepreneurial journey has been all about finding these market needs and coming up with new and innovative ways of addressing them. He would take this initiative further and concentrate on the economic sectors he is interested in with the hope feeding his passion and fulfilling his client’s needs.

Founding CVC tours

Unlike most other entrepreneurs that stuck with childhood dreams, Guilherme Paulus started off as a computer technician. His interactions with the hospitality and tourism industries, their biggest client at the time, would, however, see him veer off the technology path and take a deep interest in the industry. He even quit the position at IBM and secured a new one as a tour and travels salesman for a tour agency in his early 20s. And by the end of three years at the job, Guilherme had already set a reputation that preceded him by far.

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He had established deep connections with business professionals from all walks of life some saw right through his potential and encouraged him to start his own company. At just 24 years, Guilherme Paulus started CVC Tour Company with the aim of revolutionizing the tourism industry by offering different, fun and memorable feel to tourists visiting any part of the world through his hands.

He, therefore, set out on a mission of identifying what worked and didn’t in the industry and coming up with innovative solutions to address these issues. Initially, he only included more fun activities to be conducted during the tours. As time progressed, however, he introduced a relatively new tourism concept. Ocean cruises, to this part of the world, an area of operation that his company dominates to date.

GJP is born

Running the biggest tourist operating company in the country doesn’t just trickle down to the balance sheet numbers. It also means that a chunk of these tourists depends on Guilherme Paulus company for referrals on the best tourist destinations and hotels. In 2005, he decided to stop directing revenues elsewhere and start capitalizing on his company’s market dominance and provide comfortable resorts for his clients.

This idea led to the birth of the GJP chain of hotels, a group of over 20 luxury resorts scattered all over the country. And while they were established with the aim of netting in tourists and other individuals visiting the country in mind, this hasn’t stopped it from raking as a number one site for Brazil’s residents.

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