Dr. Mark McKenna: Helping Clients Achieve a New Lease on Life

A recent CrunchBase article entitled “A Glimpse into What Drives Atlanta Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna” is helping customers understand the motivations of the Georgia-based Mark McKenna. Originally, Dr. Mark McKenna went to medical school because he wanted to make an impact on the world. He attended Tulane medical school to that end. He felt a very strong pull towards some form of patient care and began working with his father immediately after medical school. It seemed as though his drive for medicine consumed him for much of his life but as he got older he found that there were other things that pulled his attention.

Rarely can someone do two things perfectly. Dr. Mark McKenna found a way to make his love of the business world translate into a healthy career in medicine. He found that he really enjoyed trading real estate and starting companies. He wanted to see if there is a way to merge the two into a successful endeavor. In order to do that he needed to work hard but he also needed to have an idea that people needed. This came to him very quickly when he started tossing around the concept of starting OVME. OVME is the medical aesthetics company that is drawing lots of attention to its self for its cutting-edge business model and novel premise. Patients who are interested in some sort of elective procedures or healthcare could use the company to help connect them with viable medical professionals. Dr. Mark McKenna saw it as a way to help keep clients safe and informed about their options when it comes to these medical procedures.

After looking at his success one of the next questions that most people have would be what drives Dr. Mark McKenna to succeed? The answer is very simple, Dr. Mark McKenna explained that his motivation comes from a sincere desire to be an advocate for his patients while also pioneering cutting edge procedures. It is his desire that people who use service will come away from the experience richer for it. Medical ascetics do not need to be a cold and calculated situation, they can be the new lease on life they were intended to be.

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