Shervin Pishevar Raises Many Points in a Tweet Storm

Tweet storms do capture people’s attention. Tweeting at a rapid and furious pace makes the “tweeter” hard to ignore. When a tweeter is a well-known person, even the news media take note of the online commentary. In early 2018, Shervin Pishevar took to Twitter to make scores of public pronouncements. His analysis on a variety of subjects proved controversial. The various tweets do provide much to think about in regards to different financial matters.

Shervin Pishevar famously warned investors that a massive drop in the value of the stock market looms. Right now, investors ride high thanks to the excellent records the Dow Jones average reached. Shervin Pishevar doesn’t believe the market will stay so high. As an entrepreneur involved with ventures such as Uber and Virgin, Pishevar’s commentary becomes hard to ignore. The market has had significant ups and downs since his original tweet storm. No one knows where the roller coaster market seems headed.

With a strong background in tech startups, Shervin Pishevar also feels confident to make statements about Silicon Valley. Tech giants do receive much criticism. Pishevar isn’t scared at all to levy his criticism against these companies. Shockingly, Pishevar suggests the big five tech companies present monopoly risks. Shervin Pishevar doesn’t feel this is a good thing. He’d like to see the government step in to address matters.

Pishevar worries about growth. If the tech industry maintains centralized power in the hands of five companies, emerging startups might find difficulties in achieving their potential. Pishevar fears the launch of the next Uber or Airbnb might stumble due to “5 Robber Barons” controlling everything. Hopefully, tech startups won’t suffer strangulation by the five giants.

Shervin Pishevar isn’t shy to discuss his opinions. The February 2018 tweet storm doesn’t represent his only example of running commentary. Pishevar’s entire Twitter feed features interesting discussions on many topics.


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