A Woman of Many Talents: Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is a graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder. While at the University of Colorado she studied mass communication and copywriting. She started her career as an assistant media planner for a company names Mindshare. She worked for them from 2006-2007. She was able to gain some valuable marketing and communication experience through this position. (Roberts, 2018).

After working for Mindshare she mixed communication with marketing by working for Tendura Brand. For Tendura Brand Victoria Doramus took lifestyle trends and changed them into marketing campaigns (Roberts, 2018). This was her path to becoming an author.

Victoria Doramus became a writer for the Huffington Post. She was not only a regular contributor, but she was a senior writer. She used her experience with Tendura Brand to cover the lifestyle trends as a Huffington Post writer. Writing for the lifestyle trends transformed into Trendcentral. Trendcentral is an online trend newsletter and website that she managed. While covering lifestyle trends, Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) also controlled a fashion blog for a client. (Roberts, 2018).

Victoria Doramus started to indulge in the work she is most passionate about; women’s rights and animals. She took her writing experience and took part in writing the Modern Girls Guide to Sticky Situation, by Jane Buckingham (Harper Collins, 2011). (Roberts, 2018).

According to Medium.com, following that is when started to support various charities that support women’s rights and animals. The two women’s charities she supports are the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and Room to Read. She takes part in these charities as a self-employed philanthropist in London. She also supports the Best Friends Animals Society. This organization protects animals through a no-kill policy (Roberts, 2018).

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