Jeremy Goldstein Seized The Opportunity To Start His Own Firm

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates. He specializes in working with management teams and CEOs on trans-formative business events, as well as unique issues that affect a company’s bottom line. Goldstein is a member of several elite committees in the finance industry and has an education to back up his expertise. He has earned degrees at Cornell University, the University of Chicago and New York University.


Jeremy Goldstein recognized a trend in his industry 10 years ago. He took careful time to study how other organizations were responding and decided to venture out on his own as an entrepreneur. Goldstein gives advice to many clients. He councils them about their careers and earnings. Goldstein is committed to his clients and makes sure that he is aware of their specific needs. Each case is different and Jeremy makes himself available based on the requirements of the people that he is committed to help. For this reason he has to be extremely selective in the type of clients he excepts. Goldstein is also only able to provide service to a limited number of entities.


Jeremy Goldstein has valuable experience in the financial advisement industry. There are not many problems that arise that he has not seen before. Even issues that seem brand new often show parallel symptoms of previous cases.


Jeremy Goldstein is not deterred by setbacks. He views these issues as opportunities. This is the realization that he has come to after growing older in life. Spending time in the workforce has taught Goldstein that it is not necessary to waste energy feeling sorry for yourself. Every instance that seemed like an unfortunate occurrence turned out to be an extremely valuable learning experience.


Goldstein was advised to follow the trends in technology. He gives the same advice to his clients. Technology changes at an enormous rate. It makes business concepts obsolete in very short periods of time.


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