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ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder common in children that can extend up to adulthood. ADHD is categorized as a mental disorder that happens in children that is mostly hyperactive, inattentive as well as impulsive. These three types of ADHD are classified depending on the kind of symptoms that a patient displays. Current research claims that the ADHD is hereditary that is transmitted genetically. Among the several neurofeedback applications, many studies have been done aiming at treating ADHD. The initial demonstration of how neurofeedback affects ADHD was done by J. F. Lubar in 1976. Lubar talks in his article about the application of neurofeedback in a kid with ADHD and realized that neurofeedback was able to improve the hyperactive and distractibility brought by ADHD. Putting together this information and the qEEG technology that was being generated at UCLA during that time, scholars were able to conclude that ADHD could be identified as an additional of theta waves as well as a reduction of beta waves. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The foundation of neurocore is on the knowledge of the application of neurotherapy for ADHD in teens, adults, and children with positive outcomes. Among the many children who had ADHD and neuroscore has been able to treat, 85% indicate a noticeable decrease in the symptoms of ADHD while 53% did not experience any ADHD symptomatic thresholds.

Neuroscore Brain Performance Centers came into being in 2004. The center specializes in offering brain-based, data-driven evaluations as well as training programs to children and adults. Neuroscore uses qEEG, EEG, and neurofeedback in improving the sleep disorders, mental acuity and increases the ability of the patient to manage stress. Neurocore uses heart rate variability (HRV) training which is a type of biofeedback and neurofeedback. This technique includes bringing together retraining the subconscious of the brain of a patient with the effort of mindfully regulating the breathing patterns using therapeutic breathing mechanisms. Thus, neuroscore helps the patients to simultaneously promote their bodies and minds as well as their connection of body and mind. It has been fourteen years since neuroscore has been operating; the company has become the leading organization in the application of neuroscience in the nation. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

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