The Career of Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech served as the chairperson of the government affairs law institute called POLITANK. The institution is the principal supporter of the developing strategies purposed to represent private interest at the national forums. Before joining POLITANK, Domenech served as the director in the office of Legislative Services of the P.R. Legislative Assembly between 2005 and 2008 and the local legislative. The individual led a group of over 130 employees in improving services in the Legislative Library. As a philanthropist, Domenech had interest in catering for the physically disabled, like the blind. Domenech’s general excellence got recognized while working as the P.R. Senate President’s Chief Legal Counsel. Here, his work was to give legal advice and represent the Senate before the court. Plus, he would monitor the in-house events and support the outside counsels. Visit Reporter Expert to know more about Domenech.

Between 2007 and 2012, Francisco Domenech represented the young democrats of America as an advisory in the Democratic National Committee. Domenech served as an assistant manager in the Hillary Clinton’s primary presidential campaign in Puerto Rico. Also, the individual established the Ready for Hillary by bringing together national financiers. Plus, he led all the financiers for the super PAC. Moreover, Domenech served as an advisor and member of the Hillary Clinton’s national campaign’s finance committee. Domenech led in designing the campaign trips of Clinton to Puerto Rico.

Francisco Domenech graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a bachelor’s degree in B.A in political science. During his studies, Domenech was the president of the General Students’ Counsel and the academic senator. Before the appointment as president of the council, the individual served as the president of the students’ body of UPR’s college of social sciences. As a determined student, Domenech was undertaking comparative studies in law at the London University. Also, the leader supports the Washington Center for Internship and Academic Seminars and Hispanic Heritage Foundation. Visit:

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