Google has snubbed Senate hearings where tech Firms are supposed to pledge that they will not allow the midterm elections to be meddled.

Executives from Twitter and Facebook testified before the Congress. They attended the congress meeting on Wednesday and talked about their latest attempts to guarantee lawmakers that they can protect and safeguard the November midterm elections. The chief executives noted that they would not allow any foreign interference. However, among the three tech giants, the loudest message was from Google. The tech organization was represented with an empty chair. Senator Mark Warner, who is the vice-chairman of the Senate intelligence, noted that the eras of the Wild West especially in Social media were almost coming to an end. In his opening remarks, the senator said that is where the country was headed from now. However, to many, the question of outside meddling of the mid-term elections remained an open question.

Mark Warner, who is a Democrat, stated that the technology organizations were not showing full commitment to put an end to the flow of different effect and vulnerable congressional action. After Warner’s remarks, social media stocks drastically fell. Twitter’s stocks went down by 5.7% while that of Facebook dived by 1.8%. Shares at the Alphabet Company, the parent firm to Google, sank by 2.7%. The hearing that concluded without Google being represented was the fourth in a series. The meeting aimed at examining how social media platforms have in the years evolved from what they referred to as ‘fun for time wasters’ to a severe threat that may likely wound the country’s democracy. Burr noted that is what he described as a national security weakness and intolerable risk back in November and it now remains unaddressed.

Burr continued to say that the problem at hand wasn’t going to leave. He wasn’t even sure if it was trending towards the right direction. Burr said that United States threats are from old rivals like Russia who are attempting to tamper with their democracy. The main channel that the foreign influence was using are the social media platforms. Some Republicans, including President Donald Trump, have filed suits against social media networks for bias against them and all other conservative voices. After the morning hearing, the Justice Department issued a note saying that it had met with the state’s attorney general to converse concerns that social media networks were deliberately roasting the free interchange of ideas. The attorney general has so far held meetings with a number of state attorney generals to discuss the growing concern.


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