Chevy Releases The Call Me Out App

Chevrolet is doing its part to make sure that drivers do not get distracted while they are behind the wheel. The name of the app is Call Me Out. The purpose of the app is to remind drivers to put their phone down. The app uses GPS and the phone’s accelerator in order to detect when the driver is distracted.

Chevrolet hosted a convention in October 2016 to determine ways to cut down on distracted driving. They ultimately decided to create the Call Me Out. This app is currently available for Android devices.

The app comes with an audible alert system. Family members and friends can send audible messages to the driver. The app will also give people a score based on how much they handle their phone. The less one handles the phone, the higher the score will be.

Alan Batey is the head of Global Chevrolet. He is also the president of GM North America. He is the father of two girls. He stated that he is well aware of the dangers associated with being on the road. He also stated that he is happy that Chevrolet has created technology to keep people safe while on the road.

Chevrolet has stated that Android users can download the app for free from the Google Play store. A spokesperson for GM stated that they will be releasing updates in the future. However, they have not said whether iPhone users will be able to use this app.

Chevy has teamed up with Wayne State University in order to test the effectiveness of the app. They stated that positive peer pressure will help people stay focused on driving. Steve Kiefer, who is the founder of the Kiefer Foundation, played an important role in the development of this app. His son died in October 2016 in a distracted driving accident.

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